Nude calfskin simple pumps 85 mm!!

  1. In my quest to find the classic simple pump in black with the 85 mm heel I again tried Saks, this time the NYC store. They could not locate the shoe I wanted but the SA I spoke to said they just got some simples in today in nude and metallic. She didn't say what color the metallic was but she said the nude is a pink nude (not beige) and it is calfskin not patent. I almost fell over. I had to seriously restrain myself. She only had one pair in size 39. I don't know what other sizes they have but she said they are going FAST!!
    I saw the nude simple on NAP a while ago but they went really fast. Get them if you can. They are $530. I don't have internet at home since my computer has decided to up and die and I'm about to leave work. Happy shopping.
  2. they would look wayyy hotter if they're in patent leather instead of calfskin. IMO, nude kid leathers tend to get dirty easily and the color would change in time to come. i'm not keen on nude kid but nude patent.. mannn, that'd be a different story altogether! :drool:
  3. I'm thinking the metallics are probably the same ones I saw - dark-silver, pink and aqua. I got the silver ones if you're interested in seeing the exact colour.