1. Are nude and beige the same color? Sorry if this question is silly, but I saw some beige Louboutin's on the Barney's site and wonder if that is the same as nude.
  2. 99.999% of the time "nude" and "beige" are different shades in the CL realm. Which shoe in particular are you asking about?
  3. I am hoping to get a pair of nude simple pumps. Saw this pair called patent stacked pump in beige on the Barney's website. Was just wondering if the color is the same.
    Thanx for your answer.
  4. Beige has more of a tan tint to it.
  5. Thanx!
  6. they are different color. nude has a more pink undertone whereas beige is is more more tan/browish.
  7. Thanx foxycleopatra, priiin and catabie for your answers. I think I get it now :smile:. Nude is such a pretty color!
  8. i think CL makes the best nude, beige and camel color.
  9. I agree..I adore my nude simple pumps.
  10. CL definitely makes the best nude shoes. Nude has always come off as "matronly" to me but somehow Louboutin manages to make it sexy :love:
  11. What do you girls think of the new nude Architek?? Just curios, thanks!
  12. I am no expert but I like the patent leather for nude better.
  13. I am not fond of the nude architek. As you know seeing it makes me long for the no. prive.

  14. Off the subject of nude, but along the Architek line, what do you think of the black architek?? Still trying to decide, like better than the nude though.
  15. I think the red at the top of the heel cuts off the line of the stiletto and for some reason that turns me off.