nude architeks:should i keep 'em???

  1. ok, i was really thinking of sending them back but they're kinda growing on me...what do you gals think???:confused1:
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  2. Sorry but I will be honest, I think you should return them. I think that there are going to be a lot of beautiful shoes in nude this spring, and you should wait to find a shoe that you immediately fall in love, not a shoe that grows on you.

    I ordered them and then returned them because I wore them around my home for 15 minutes and when I took them off the leather had a stain, I have no idea how this happened but I am thinking that the nude leather is just prone to stains. I saw the nude architek in Saks NYC about 2 days after the shoe arrived in store, and it was already filthy just from people touching it. I can only imagine what it would like look after a few wears.

    Did you also get the black/red? I think that color combo is beautiful.
  3. I'm not feeling them, I like the black and red more. Or even the blue/yellow. ^^ You seem to have great legs though and they do look good on you. I'm just not that into the shoe itself.
  4. If you absolutely love them you should keep them! otherwise I dont think its worth spending $$$ on shoes you try to learn to appreciate.

    I personally am not really wanting to own this style CL.
  5. Honestly, I like them.
    But I agree with everyone else, if you dont love them at first site, send them back because it is a lot of money to just think they are ok.
  6. I agree with Stinas... I think they look great on you, but overall I'm not a fan of this shoe. And Kamilla make a very good point about the likelihood of this shoe becoming filthy. But regardless, it really doesn't matter what we all think. If you LOVE them, keep them- if its not love return them because its too much money to spend on something you find mediocre.
  7. I agree!
  8. I love your signature btw!
  9. They look great on you, but return them if you don't love them!
  10. If you don't love them, return them. I'm sorry you don't like yours..I received my black and red ones today and I LOVE them.
  11. Oh I am so glad you love yours!! I know how much you were looking forward to getting them. Are you going to wear them on your date??
  12. Thanks :yes: I am so pleased with them. Yes I am going to wear them on my date. I posted what I'm going to wear in the Architek thread you posted, cjy.
  13. If you have to ask, maybe you should return them. I cannot believe you even have to ask, those shoes are gorgeous.
  14. I love the black & red of this shoe and they are comfortable. I like how the nude looks on you. If you don't love it then return them. They are too expensive not to love.
  15. I just ordered this pair & can't wait for them to get here.... I thought they would work well with everything, but now I am starting to doubt them cause of what everyone is saying!:confused1: I also just bought the Very Prives with the Red on the toe but I thought the nude architeks were going to get a lot more use...