nude architeks arrived!

  1. after waiting sooo long they finally arrived. they are definitely not as nice as i expected them to be. :push: the leather is kind of weird. maybe it'll grow on me. i saw the black and red in person and they were a beautiful piece of art :drool:. the nudes aren't horrible but CL nudes are usually amazing IMO and these don't quite cut it to AMAZING for me though i don't mind them at all :yes:


  2. remember, if you don't love 'em, don't keep them. get something you truly love.
  3. modeling pics please!
  4. Definitely don't keep them if it is not love. I saw the nude in person this past weekend and I don't like them as much as I like the black/red ones.
  5. You should think about returning them for the black/red ones. I recently received mine and they are to die for. They are much prettier than the nude ones in my opinion. I really wanted the nude to work out for me but when I saw them in person they just didn't do it for me.
  6. thanks for your input ladies! i really like the black/red ones a lot more but am trying to stay away from getting any more black shoes. key word is trying. hehehe. priiin you aren't helping! lol. the black/red are a lot better looking. i'll just have to try them on with some outfits and see how it all plays out before i make my final decision =]
  7. Sorrry! It's just a lot of money to spend on shoes that you don't really really love. ;)
  8. Double ditto.
  9. Hmm, I feel ya on the whole 'not wanting any more black heels', but if the black/red combo left that big of an impression, then maybe you should get those instead and wait for some nudes that really wow ya. Just something to consider.. :smile:
  10. ^ you're so right. ok i'm returning these!
  11. That's always the right decision if you don't just love the shoe! I'm sure you will find something fabulous soon!
  12. Just to play devil's advocate (LOL) I never like nude shoes on me when I try them on in the winter. I always think they look dumb in the winter and then I try them on in the spring and :love: them again.

    But definitely return them if you like the black better, since you probably wouldn't buy both.
  13. I am supposed to be receiving these any day now.... and to me all the pictures people are posting of them seem so peachy. I was hoping they'd look tanner!
    I pretty much know mine will be going back without even seeing them yet!!
  14. my friend received them, and honestly, i didn't care for them. i think the color is a bit odd to me. i think nude should be done in patent.
  15. ^ totally. CL's nude patents are so much better.