Nude Architek. Love it or not??

  1. Hi,

    I really love this style and also the color. In germany is this color sold out.

    But not everybody in this forum love the color. Why this?

    So let me know... are you happy with your nude architek ??? or you hate that color???


  2. I don't like the color, but I am dark complexioned so it is not "nude" on me and looks strange. On others, I think it can be very cute.
  3. I am not fond of the architek style in general, so for me the nude one does not make me stop in my tracks. I prefer the nude patent styles.
  4. I prefer the black/red ones. I don't like mine as much as before I got them now. I am on a slingback 'break' lol
  5. The Artichek in nude do not flatter my skin tone at all. I prefer the black/red combo over all the colors available.
  6. I love them...on others. It's not a shoe I'd get for myself though.
  7. ^^^ITA. Eva looked gorgeous in them as did Natasha. However, they would look like crap on me. LOL
  8. I think they're really beautiful--I'm kind of surprised there aren't more people who like them!
  9. yes snowwhite..... I´m also surprised. I cant see the architeks IRL ... so I have to order it in UK. But I´m not sure... should I do it? I have to decide today...
  10. I like the style but prefer the black/red version - they are just a whole lot sexier. I think the nude may not be flattering to all skintones.
  11. I returned mine. The leather CL uses for the nude Architeks is a kinda "squishy" kid leather. It doesn't work very well with the color.
  12. I totally agree.
  13. I love the color, but the nude happens to be really flattering on me.
  14. I loveee them! I tried on the black/red combo, but am dying to try on the nude.
  15. I have the nude architeks on order.... I am crossing my fingers that they look good!