Nu Skin

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  1. Anybody try their products? I'm thinking about switching. L'Occitane doesn't do it for me anymore. I just feel so oily.

    Give me your feedback for those who use this product.

    Check it out at
  2. mom just ordered from them..and we received two box sets...

    I've tried it here and there...and I have to works pretty well. I have been searching for a new skin care line...and I might stick with this. So far.. so GOOD.

    My friend also LOVES it!...but everyone reacts differently...however, it never hurts to try it out once. :P
  3. I use their line for acne-prone skin. I love it! The only other thing that doesn't irritate my super sensitive face is Cetaphil. NuSkin's great because it's gentle, but also gets the job done.
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