Nu Pieds/tribute flat sandal

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  1. I've been lusting after these since last summer and am about to order online. Reviews are all over the place.
    If you have them-do you like them? How is sizing? Any problems with staining? Thanks!
  2. I don't know, but I'd be curious as well. I've been wanting them in the cognac shade but haven't taken the plunge yet. They are so chic!
  3. Bumping! Someone has these here, right?
  4. I also would like to l how their sizing compares to the tribute high heel sandals. And if they are narrow...
  5. Anyone have these?
  6. I bought the tan pair. I sized up a half size. I really like them!
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  7. Are they comparable to the Hermes Oran? (Super flat, zero arch support)

    Do they dig in the sides of your foot when you walk for long periods?

    Do they make thump thump sounds when the back part hits the floor when walking?

    (Haha my questions are funny!)
  8. I tried them on. I am size 6 in valentino flats but size 7 in this beauty.
  9. Here are my tan ones! Haven’t worn them out yet but they don’t seem like they will make the flappy noise . I’m weird about slides that hit really low on the toe so these are perfect.
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  10. I have the black and love them - I don’t even notice the flapping. I sized up a half size because my feet are slightly wider and the Oran are too narrow for me . They are comfortable but I’m still breaking them in so I use some blister block for my little toe
  11. When worn :smile:
  12. i size a half size up in the nu pieds