NR shipment of MJ Bags

  1. My crappy Nordstrom rack recently got a shipment of MJ bags.
    Small Multipockets in Oatmeal and Denim 349.97+
    Blake 1 Kelly Green, 2 or 3 Berry iirc 449 or a little more
    Also 2 totes not sure the name, maybe Salma in Pink or rose - same price as Blake

    Nordstrom Rack Westbury NY
    516 222 5545

  2. Yes, also at the Rack in LA at the Hughes Center. Lots of MJ's in, I think they were the Blake styles and I believe I saw a lot of ivory and pink. -- and IF as well, several styles, including Dreamweavers. Couple of Mulberry's I've seen before and lots of Calvin Klein and Betsy Johnson.
  3. Thanks for the info. Gonna check it out tomorrow!!!