NR SC: Chloe's, Mulberry's, Celine's, MJ's.etc

  1. Hey guys just a heads up, I went to NR in South Coast yesterday and they had a whole new section for designer purses... some MJ's, Chloe Edith's, Celine's, Michael Kors, a ton of Mulberry satchels and clutches, Lanvin clutches (although they were kinda marked up), and some Alexander McQueens, the regular purse section also had I think 3 Gustto's there were two clutches in dark brown and one Torlia tote in a seafoamish color, a Furla tote in tan color, a multiflap lock frame bag in wonona from Bulga...some great finds for NR if you ask me...Dont know if the other NR's have great finds but I think they're doing some designer sale or something, thats why they had a special separate section for all those great purses! I took home one of the Celines for $599 it was $1900 regularly its so soft and a pretty rose soft blush looking color, although it didnt have the dustbag..wish I knew how to get one though...maybe if any of the other tpf'ers are gunna go shopping they can let us know if theres more great deals at the NR's around...=)
  2. Thanks!!
  3. They sound so nice. I hate that the leather's get scratched on some bags. They just toss those things around without care.
  4. aughhh i went to south coast yesterday but was too lazy to head over to Nordstrom's rack! :crybaby:
  5. I went to NR in LA (by LAX) last weekend and they had a similar selection! One Chloe tote ($600 I think, regular $1400), a Lanvin clutch, a few Mulberry's, a Botkier trigger ($150), and an MJ tote ($600, I think). Dunno if they're still there (I almost took home the trigger, but knew I was going to the Marc by MJ store the next day). I was talking to the salesgirl who was putting them out and she said they get bags like this "once in a blue moon."
  6. I was just at the NR by LAX yesterday!
    I searched and searched for a Chloe handbag but didn't find one. They really didn't have a great selection of bags. But I'll keep an eye out for a "designer" section at the next store.
    Thanks for the the heads up.
  7. Thanks for posting! Do you happen to remember what color the Alexander McQueens were?
  8. Since we're on the subject of NR in So. Cal does anyone know if the Glendale NR has good stuff? That's the closest to me and I go there every so often but never find any high end cute bags.:tdown:
  9. Glendale NEVER has anything good... I swear they get the worst selection. They always have tons of sunglasses, jeans, etc... as far as handbags, they seem to carry a lot of Cole Haan, Isabella Fiore and other random brands.
  10. I was there last thursday. I believe the alex McQueens were black.
  11. Yes the Alexander McQueens were black and I think the NR Glendale selection isnt that great I visited there a couple times and left empty handed all the time=(...oh and I forgot to mention there were a couple Be&D satchels too!
  12. took the words right out of my mouth! Glendale never has anything good:nogood:.
    I usually go to the the Topanga NR(WOODLAND HILLS) they have a good selection most of the time but it doesn't last long.
    Tomarrow is New Arrivals so there may be putting more Chloe's & Marc's going out on the floor:nuts:!
  13. Ooh, you did NOT just say that.
    <Deep breath. Hides car keys.>
    But I hope everyone else finds cute stuff! :yes:
  14. ali w: Can you please tell us how you know when the New Arrivals come in? TIA.
  15. I receive a post card in the mail a week before they have an event. This time I also received an email:yes:. They usually open the doors @ 8am, I will report back on what I find, I will try to put the "good" bags on hold!