NR online too good to be true deals

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  1. I've seen prices on NR website that are absolutely rock bottom. For example a bag that would be approx $300+ full retail selling for $68. But they're sold out(in multiple colors)

    I've never seen pricing like that for a bag that's actually available to buy.

    So is this real? Could it be that someone jumped on the last one and got a great price?
    The bags I see on the website that are available and showing only one left are not priced that well.
    Something seems off about this.

  2. As a frequent NR shopper, it's 100% legit. That particular item could be a popback/return (which would have a lower price).

    NR is really competitive with their pricing. The prices at the actual NR stores are even lower than online.

    Check out the NR ( & NR UPC ( threads to get an idea of pricing.

  3. The prices are real but it is a tricky game.
    For example this coat:

    This was selling for slightly over $200 for a while, then when there were only 2 sizes left it dropped to $60 - for a split second. Someone on the Nordstrom Rack finds thread pointed it out and I quickly added one to my cart. Too late, there must have been only one or two and they were sold out. Then for the next day 3 or 4 more were added sporadically during the day. My guess is maybe 5 of these coats were sold at $60 total.

    Still great if you can time it right and catch the deals.
  4. interesting
    so if you see something you like, you keep checking to see if it gets reduced further and if it does you have a be really quick to get it?
    I've gotten some good deals at the NR store - a Gryson bag that was approx $600 full retail for under $200. But it was refurbished.
  5. Yeah- I think the people that catch these great deals are online all day and they search various topics with the "best Value" search (they have sort high-low, low-high and best value).

    Heres another one from today

    You can see that for those ugg boots, they had only one available but when you drill into the actual item it is sold out. Which means ONE was available at the rock bottom price. But whoever got it, good for them.
  6. I wonder how many of these people buy to resell
    I love a bargain and hate to pay fp but I'm not as obsessive as some people I guess.

    Another example - I just purchased a discontinued OPI nail polish on ebay. I paid a premium because I couldn't get it elsewhere ($10). I saw on some discount cosmetic info sharing website where some people got the same one at Big Lots for $1.50. And the person who commented on it wasn't even looking for it. That was just a case of right time, right place.
  7. I see a lot of Nordstrom Last Chance and Rack items on ebay but it is a double edge sword really- because for me, the fact that ebay exists means I am more willing to buy more things at good prices - I know if I get tired of something or get too fat I can always sell on ebay. When I do sell something on ebay, I don't use the money to live, I usually just go buy more stuff :smile:
  8. I hear you
    I say I have too many bags and then as soon as I sell one I start thinking about buying another one with the proceeds.
    I have learned not to buy a bag just because it's a good price though. I don't buy to sell. You never know how easily it will sell and whether you'll get a good buyer
  9. Does anyone know what time they upload new items to the Rack online?