NR find - too good to be true

  1. Hi,

    Today I was at my local NR and I found a brand new mint condition Bulga bag on one of the racks.

    It is the bag found at the link below but in a camel brownish color.
    and also found here:
    The insides look identical to the pictures on the revolve site.

    The price tag was $99.97!!!!..... of course I bought it instantly even though I don't like the bag all that much nor do I need it but it just seemed to good to be true. The tag and bag ring up as "direct accessories".

    Is there any way this bag is a fake return?
  2. Good steal! I like the bag. I doubt bulga has fakes.
  3. I got a Bulga at NM for $121, so they can go that low. Great find~
  4. Wow. That's awesome! I checked out my NR today but found nada. Congrats!
  5. The low price shouldn't make you suspect fake when it's from NR. If they ever did get a fake return and someone caught it, they wouldn't just sell it at a marked down price. It sounds like you got a great deal!
  6. WOW! Great deal! I like the bag, it looks really soft!
  7. I've seen Bulgas and Grysons at my local NR for around $149. Maybe someone returned it without the tags or something. I'm sure it's real and super soft. Love that Bulga leather! Congrats on your great deal.
  8. What is store /site is NR
  9. What a cute bag! Great deal!
  10. AHhhhhh
    None in my area that is why unfamiliar with the abbreviation
    thank you
  11. Wow, what a great deal...really love Nordstrom and NR!!! I wouldn't doubt the authenticity since I've seen some really great deals at NR and couldn't believe my eyes either. Congrats on a great find!
  12. DIZ- thats a really cute bag! And of course you can never go wrong with a brown bag! especially for only $100!

    I see you mentioned you don't really like it, but i think you will grow to love it! Or maybe you can save it to gift for a bday or Christmas present.

    But it's definitely a STEAL:nuts:

  13. ^^ ITA!

    As Desi said, it may begin to rub onto you. Either way, you can't go wrong with a $100 Bulga, especially when it's such a beauty! May I ask what is it that you don't like about it?