NR - Chicago crazy handbag sale 8/9

  1. i just back from NR chicago state street durning lunch break, they are having a crazy bag sale...a lot of Coach...
    I got a Lanvin for $599 (original price $1890)...
    the cashier told me he got a Jimmy Choo bag for $80 (original price $1100)
    he also told me there were MJ's for $299.97....but i missed it....
    anyway, too much excitement..need to calm down.

    He also said next Tuesday will be another shipment of NICE more cheaper price....
  2. OMG~ Thanks hk318!!
  3. what is NR ?
  4. NR = Nordstrom Rack
  5. Did they/do they have any Chloes?
  6. i didnt ask if they have Chloe, but i got there at 12:30pm, and it was so many people there, but you can call to ask, the staffs are very helpful there.
    i ask the guy to call me if he see any MJ bags....

    it seems like they still loading bags out from the back room from time to time
  7. oh man i gotta go this weekend
  8. what kind of Lanvin bag did you get????????
  9. I knew there was a reason to go there today! I am going after work. And on Tuesday! Maybe they'll open early too if they are getting special stock in like they sometimes do. I got a $400 Kate Spade there for $75 before. But how come the sales assistants get first pick? I know it's perks of the job and everything but it's hardly fair to those of us who are loyal customers!

  10. i got the Lanvin Luberon Duffle in black suede with black trim and brown handle :smile:
  11. Thanks~~Just called to store and asked them..All jimmy choo handbags are GONE..and this guy was telling me they've never got any LANVIN Brand..(guy did not have clue I guess)
    I'm on my way to Chicago with my Hubby ~now..Thanks and I'll report how it is later tonight..Thanks
  12. Congrats on your new bag HK! Can't believe a Jimmy Choo for $80!!!!
  13. Is this a handbag sale that is at all the Nordstrom Racks (I'm in Los Angeles)?
  14. went to the NR at south coast plaza yesterday. Nothing fancy. All of the marc jacobs were gone. a couple of Gryson's, and Bally's left. Mostly Michael Kors, Rafe, IF, and Cole Haan
  15. Do you know what type of grysons and how much? Looking for a parina at a good price.