NR Blake/Venetia Check

  1. Just wanted to get a quick rundown if anyone has seen Blakes/Venetias floating around lately at their local Nordstrom Rack...


    Thanks MJ lovers!
  2. Nothing at my local NR. I stopped in yesterday and there was nothing....junk. I didn't see any bags or shoes that were great. Very disappointing. My NR is crummy, though.
  3. Which rack do you go to? There's one near santa clarita or do you go to canoga park?
  4. Same thing at mine... some cole haan and perline bags.

    Nordstrom but the black Venetia on sale for the anniversary sale. It's in the $700s.
  5. Someone posted in the Deals & Steals section that there was a sign at her NR that they were getting new shipments on the 24th. I wonder if that applies to all of them. I wish I had a NR near me. :sad:
  6. ^yeah, They Had New Arrivals On The 24th But Mj Bags, I Was There Bright And Early Lookin For Some!!!!!
  7. boooooooo :tdown:

    No one has seen anything, huh?
  8. I went to the Glendale store. It is close to my work location (downtown L.A.) and I saw nothing. I have never found anything that I liked in that NR, though. I do prefer the Canoga Park store. I used to go there more often. The last few times I have been have been disappointing, though. I may try to stop in this weekend. I'd like to get over to Nordstrom before the Anniversary sale ends on 8/6.
  9. NR at San Jose has pink Stella (3 bags) for $429... excellent condition...
  10. My NR had 2 berry blakes left on 7/24 the price is about 429 or so (dont quote me)
    Nordstrom rack westbury long island, ny - sorry I don't have the number with me.
    They also have 1 pink tote i think stella (?) not sure the name its in the upper 400's.