NR Big Brands and Marc Jacobs

  1. Hello all-

    I am usually not a Nordstrom Rack shopper, but I hit it up today during the Big Brands event and came home with my first MJ bag: an oatmeal multipocket. How often does NR have this event? Do they usually carry MJ bags outside of the event dates? Also, how old are the bags that come through NR? For example, from what season is my bag?

    Many thanks for reading and hopefully answering these questions!
  2. Congrats on your bag! Oatmeal is a classic color.

    I think NR gets MJ somewhat frequently, there was a big shipment a few months ago and many members scored some bags there. They get bags that are approximately 2 years old, but there have been some from recent seasons like Fall 06 and Resort 06.

    Your Oatmeal is from Spring 05 I think. Again, enjoy your new MJ!
  3. Can I ask which NR did you go to and how much was the bag? TIA
  4. I purchased my Oatmeal MP for $349. As of yesterday there was 2 at the Westgate/San Jose CA location. If your local one does not carry the bag, NR offers chargesends. Shipping is around $8 via DHL.

    There's more talk about NR's MJ shipment in the deals and steals thread. Hopefully this helps!
  5. Thanks for answering, Reichan. Yes, you should try to order if you want one, Gem0521!
  6. Do all NR's offer charge send? Thanks!
  7. Reichan says yes.
  8. Like everyone who answered before me, yes they do. I saw that you were interested in the pink Stella. The NR @ Westgate (San Jose, CA) had 2 yesterday as of noon time :smile:. Give it a try!

  9. Hi MandB, I was wondering what size MP you got? I'm more interested in the large size since I carry my life around with me in my bag! Thanks!
  10. They only had the small size. I can't imagine carry a large MP since the small is already so heavy. I like to carry a lot of stuff, too, and I can actually fit quite a bit in my MP.
  11. ^^Hmm, good to know! I'd been wondering =) Thanks!
  12. NR gets special purchases & actually has buyers just like all the big department stores. the marc's that were there recently were special purchases. they're genuine marc bags but not the same ones that were on the full line's floor.
  13. ^^Now that is interesting.
    Are these like "factory" MJ bags for discount distribution? Gee - Could that be the same with NM LastCall?
    Like how Coach stocks their factory stores with "one off" items?
  14. Do all Nordstrom Rack's carry MJ bags? I have never seen them in the Los Angeles area.