NR and Loehmanns San Diego

  1. Today at NR they had a couple of Bulga bags for $149, some Marc Jacobs (a pocket one in green for $495), a few Grysons (Sophie and either Amanda or Ava), lots of Cole Haan, Michael Kors, Betsy Johnson. Loehmanns had a Be&D large tote with pockets for $499. Off 5th had some Linea Pelle and Kooba on clearance.
  2. I just checked out NR here in Baltimore and there was nothing of even minor notice. They had a few Cynthia Rowley and Hobo as their "top of the line." Big dissapointment
  3. Too bad about Baltimore store. Seems to be hit and miss with these places. I was also at NR in another part of San Diego County today and they didn't have anything for me. They did have two Chloes though...not anything I'd pay the price for but high end nevertheless. Maybe next time your NR will have better stuff.
  4. SdKitty - I'm just curious, what were the prices on the Chloe's at the San Marcos store? I have been there a couple of times and haven't seen anything like that! Do you know which one they had???
  5. I went to the NR in San Diego today too. (Mission Valley) Around 5pm. I bought a bulga bag for 144.90. They had 3 of them. 2 were marked final sale. I bought the one that wasn't. They were this style & color...

    They also had a mulberry tote. It was not the bayswater tote but it was similar in shape but zipped straight across on top. I think there was three trees visable on the front. Original price was around 1000 & sale price was 595. It was really scratched up & I think a final sale item so I didn't get it. Its sad to see something so nice in such bad shape before its even found a home.
  6. I'm not that familiar with the different styles of Chloe but they had one that was made out of the harder leather like the Edith. It was black and fairly large and had two outside pockets. They had one of those and then one in the same style that was two-tone in color and a combo if leather and fabric. Price was approx $500 (or $600), compare at $1,000 as I recall. I think the brown or luggage color Edith looks beautiful esp in photos but black didn't do it for me.
  7. SDKitty - Thanks for responding! Of course I have been trying to decide all night if I want to haul myself and kidlets to NR NC today. Sounds like I can pass. NR is so dangerous these days, in a Wonderful way! :graucho:
  8. I made a special trip to san marcos yesterday thinking that they get less traffic than MV so maybe they'd have some good stuff ...but they had MUCH less...MV had a special purse event, I guess. Did you get to MV?
  9. I saw that Bulga one you bought...nice...I like the little outside pocket. Did not feet my needs and I just bought a Kooba in similar color a couple of months ago so I wanted a dark color for Fall.
  10. Sdkitty - I was at the MV store on Friday am. They had some nice things. I got a Gustto that I like. There were some ladies with shopping carts filled with bags. Nothing I was really interested. I hope they have this kind of week again. I almost went on Saturday too, but just had to pass. hmmm.....
  11. Gustto is a good find Gracie Loo. Congrats. I think they are getting more good bags and also I'm more familiar with the names from this forum. I may have to just stay away from the Rack for a while. Enjoy your Gustto!:yes:
  12. I think I may have saw you there. Were you there with your DD? I was the one who asked if you were going to buy the Bulga for sure.
  13. Supposedly new stock was suppose to come in today, but I stopped by my local NR and didn't see squat except a bunch of Isabella Fiore bags.

    I did see a bunch of DVF dresses for less then $100. That's the best price yet that I've seen.