NPB left me a negative feedback!

  1. i am SO mad right now. i had a bidder win my bag on 3/12 who DIDN'T PAY within a week. i filed a NPB claim and she promised to pay by 3/29 - being an idiot, i believed her and left the claim open. she DIDN'T PAY, of course, so i closed the claim in order to relist and get my final value fee credit. of course, i left a neg. i logged on just now to find out THAT SHE LEFT ME A NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! of course she would, but i thought people with an unpaid item strike couldn't leave the seller neg fb?! :cursing: i am so mad right now...
  2. UGH, Try contacting eBay via email or live help to see if they can have it removed, I know they remove them for rediculous circumstances... try that, if it doesnt work.. RE-NEG her!!!! :cursing: :devil:
  3. I hate E-bay for selling. Thier policies are making it less and less attractive for independent sellers and more beneficial for big business. Just watch. Its gonna turn into a major commercial product site.

  4. what did she say on her comment?

    that really sucks and im sorry it happened to her - hopefully karma will bite her in the butt!
  5. Surely if she was NPB eBay will remove her feedback?
  6. If she left you neg., then why don't give her strike? You're so nice leave her neg. only, not strike. Some sellers will gladly to give strike if they've spent for that long time like you did. :push:
  7. You can respond to the neg she left you. Mention that it's a retalitory remark. And definitely ask eBay to remove her remark.

    Also, I think that non-paying bidders' remarks don't affect your overall score? Can anyone confirm this?
  8. They can only NOT leave negative feedback if they do not respond to the NPB report. Based on what you have said above it appears she DID respond to the NPB report.
  9. If the bidder responses to the NPB claim she then could leave a negative. Only, if the bidder doesn't respond and the seller closes the claim the bidder can not leave retaliatory FB. Ebay will not erase retaliatory feedback unless the bidder gets 3 strikes within a certain time frame and even with that the red negative mark will be erased not the comment.
  10. I would leave the following response to her negative feedback: "You bid on my item, did not pay and then leave me a negative? Interesting concept!" \
    I once bought a fake Dior bag when I first started on eBay and come hell and high water I ended up getting my money back after a lenghty process but of course the girl left ME negative feedback.I left a response for her (Which was prior to my refund) and it basically said that "1)she sold me a fake bag 2) I got ZERO refunded and 3) I get negative feedback? Interesting concept!"

    That way anyone who saw that feedback could easily understand it was retalatory. Besides any rediculous feedback is pretty easy to spot! I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. Ebay is full of loons. Respond to her negative and wear it proudly. Maybe others will see that sort of thing won't scare you off and you can filter the crazy people from bidding on your auctions.
  12. That is a very interesting comment...and I like it!