NPB finally pays and I've already re-sold the item

  1. just want to get some feedback here.... I listed a pair of shoes and I have the same notation in all of my auctions: that I need to hear from the buyer within 24 hours of the auction ending OR payment within 48 hours. Generally speaking, I don't really "STICK" to it - as long as I either get payment within 3 days or hear from them within the 7 day eBay mandated timeframe, no big deal (although it does irritate me). Well I sold the shoes and the buyer didn't send payment or email. I sent the invoice immediately. I sent a very nice reminder email after 3 days and then a second reminder three days after that. NO RESPONSE. On the 8th day I filed a NPB and re-listed the shoes. They sold immediately on BIN. Today (13 days later) the buyer emails me and says they were in a car accident and sent payment. I nicely explained that I was sorry for them being in an accident (which I don't totally buy) but unfortunately since I had not heard anything from them, I had already relisted the item according to my auction terms. I refunded their full payment. I'm just wondering - should I have continued waiting? Did I act too fast? I usually only sell things because that's how I keep funding my bad habit and I usually have my eye on something and prefer to get paid AT LEAST within the 7 day timeframe....
  2. I wouldn't have waited. I'm in the same situation with a pair of shoes myself and have not heard from the buyer..they sold on the 12th and I sent 2 invoices and a nice reminder email yesterday. Still nothing. It would be nice to even get an email from her letting me know if she even intends on paying.
    You requested that the payment be sent in that time frame, waited for the eBay mandated timeframe and still no payment. It sounds to me like the buyer bid when they didn't have the funds and was waiting until she got paid before she paid you. IMO you did the right thing.
  3. ^^^ ITA :yes:
  4. You waited long enough IMO.
  5. egh, i would have relisted too. 13 days is a bit much for me. i usually file within 7 days. come on, if you can't pay right away, don't bid..KWIM?? i had one buyer ask to pay 12 days later on a BIN, i was okay with it since she asked before bidding or buying..
  6. You did the right thing. Most people know that they have 7 days max to pay. You seemed very polite as well.
  7. ok, great! Thanks for all the feedback! It's good to know ya'll agree I wasn't jumping the gun or being pushy.
  8. You were within reason, no worries!
  9. You were totally professional and you shouldn't give it another thought!
  10. Nope, I would not have waited that long.