NP vs VP - do they fit the same?

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  1. i'm contemplating NPs in black patent and wondering how comfortable they are...i dont normally do well with slingbacks since my heel is so narrow and the straps always fall down but i think the NPs look so sexy...any advice ?
  2. NP's and VP's have fit me the same so far, but I have only tried kidskin and roccia, not patent. I know some have had problems with the heel strap on VP's staying up, not I have not, so far. There are stickies you can put on the strap to keep it up.

    My best advise is to see if you can get somewhere to try them on. I am also hoping the patent is sized the same as the kidskin as I have patent VP's and NP's on pre-order.
  3. Generally speaking, yes, the fit is the same, insole length/width-wise.

    But if you have a really narrow heel (as is the case for me), you might be able to take 1/2 a size larger in your NP than in VP -- with VP I have to go for a tight/snug fit even if means my toes get curled up as otherwise there'll be major slippage at the heel; but with NP I can size up 1/2 a size from my VP size and enjoy the just-right insole length and the slingback helps alleviate some of the heel slippage problem.
  4. I don't have any VPs, but I have 2 different sizes of NPs and they both fit (with the 1/2 size up having a little more room on the heel area).

    We're reversed, I love the NP style b/c I always have problems with heel slippage when the shoes have covered heels, which I don't get with the NP.
  5. This is the exact case for me. My NP size is a half size up from my VP size. My heels are very narrow and the slings always fall down so I use strappy strips by footpetals to keep them up.
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