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  1. I got my first pair of NPs today- natural canvas with brown leather heel. they're beautiful and one of the comfiest cls I have found right off the bat. But the side of the where my arch is gapes kind of on both sides. I know I have a super high arch but I haven't found this in any of my other cls. Is it bc they're low cut on the sides? Does this happen to other people? I'm trying to decide if it looks weird.

    The other thing is my toes look like they're kind of smooshed in on the front but they're totally not. I'm figuring bc they're canvas they'll loosen up/stretch in the front? Anyone know?

    Thanks! They really are beautiful!
  2. pictures please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  3. I have also noticed that NP's gape a bit on either side (at least on me). So you're not alone! But because they're so gorgeous and comfortable I don't really care. I think it's because they are a bit low cut on the sides... Also I think I'm the only one who really notices it because I'm looking straight down at them, whereas anyone else would be seeing them from a different perspective.

    In conclusion, enjoy them!! :P
  4. here are the pics

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  5. well they look gorgeous!!!!!
    and my high arch does the same exact thing with all of my sling backs!
  6. thank you!

    seriously, i love them. i was just walking around my house and looking at them in the mirror and i don't care what my toes, heels or anything look like in them! they're so pretty!
  7. yeah, hlfinn, those are DEFINITELY keepers! they're gorgeous and they look perfect on your feet. no worries AT ALL! hooray and congrats! :woohoo::woohoo:
  8. They look the same on me. I have pink leather....You get used to the look.
  9. They also look the same on me...more some than others though
  10. thanks ladies!! now i have to get a tan so they look their best. right now i'm whiter than they are! lol. but i realized, when trying them on with different outfits, that i bought a natural crocheted clutch a month ago that will look perfect with them! horray!
  11. hlfinn, they are stunning! I haven't seen the the canvas and wood heel before - so classy and subtle. Can't notice the gape thing at all, so rock on!
  12. Mines does the same thing. My VP's gape on the side as well. I have a slightly narrow foot and a high arch.

  13. I think that's part of the look.... and like toe cleavage, quite sexy. :smile:
  14. Gorgeous!!