NP Grey Flannel- Not Happy with them

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  1. I got my NP Grey Flannel and I am a bit disappointed with them. At first they are really pretty when you see them in the box, but when I put them on, I had a change of heart. They are "ill-fitted" as suppose to being snug on the feet. The material bulges/expands out , almost giving the impression they are too big.

    Anyways, I am returning them.:sad: Here are pics:


    Notice how the strap is not snug around my foot:
  2. But they're SO pretty!!! You know, now that I think about it ALL of my NPs and YoYo Zeppas do this.
  3. oh i like them!! they look perfect on you! i don't see the bulging of material at all...though the strap looks like it's cutting into your heel...

    i think you should keep 'em :graucho: SO unique and SO pretty...
  4. They are pretty, but too bad they don't fit well. I do see a little bulging of the straps on your left feet, but maybe there is a way to fix it. I took mine to the cobbler to shorten the straps because I have narrow heels, and all slingbacks slip off my feet. I really hope they work because if not, that's the last time I am buying any NP's.
  5. I like how the grey flannel looks against your skin. :smile:

    But regarding the strap ordealy, that was the same reason why I sold my NPs :sad: The strap wasn't tight enough to hold the sides of the shoe against my foot and made it nearly impossible to walk in.
  6. #6 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    Actually the straps feels flimsy arounds my heel. I would love to keep them, but they really do feel loose and "big". If I go down a 1/2 size, my toes will be hanging over the front of the shoes
  7. I think the color is great on you. If you don't have any anthracite in your collection you might consider something down the road.

    I tried those myself and wasn't overwhelmed with them---not sure why though. I love the NP and I love Charcoal.
  8. You must not be getting Loubie butterflies over these because a Loubie girl would make almost any shoe work! :P
  9. Totally not feeling the Loubie butterflies right now:sad: I wish they were VPs, I am sure they would fit better, IMO
  10. Aww that stinks :sad:
  11. I agree, they are really pretty, but the fitting is not snug. I thought about taking them to the cobbler, but I just don't want to take the chance to mess around with a pair of new CLs
  12. too bad about your shoe!!! but if you don't get the butterflies, i say take 'em back!
  13. Looks good on you! Sorry they didn't work out. You've got others coming your way to give you the Loubie butterflies.
  14. They kinda of look cute, but I saw them irl at NM and was not blown away. You are right to return them if they don't make your heart go pitter patter.
  15. They look beautiful on you Karwood! I'm sorry they're not fitting the way you want :sad: