NP Glitters vs Anemone Help Please

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  1. Well, I've just received word that my dad is going to buy me my first pair of LOUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: Well I'm stuck between the Anemone and the np glitters that were on Oprah, sooo I've ordered the Anemones from barneys and the glitters are a 39.5 on ebay, but the sale is final, so i was thinking that if i ordered a pair that fits similar from net a porter and see if I could fit the 39.5 instead of being stuck with a shoe that i can't wear but i don't see any that look like it. Soooo is there anyone that could possibly help me? And which one would you choose? the Anemone or NP Glitter
  2. Check out the sizing info thread and look for info on the 120 Pigalle - it's very similar to the Anemone :yes:.

    I would have the Anemone over the NP Glitter - it's such a fantasy shoe :love:
  3. Personally I would chose the glitters because I feel they are more versatile. You can literaly wear those shoes with jeans or an evening gown.

    I like the Anemone you cannot wear those as often and for your first pair I wouldn't chose those

    this is all just my opinion
  4. Thank you ladies!!! I'm only 18 if that helps any. Im just afraid to buy the glitters from ebay and not be able to resell them if they don't fit. Plus I wear a 9.5 in regular shoes but then in Miu MIu's I wear a 41. so idk, I order the anemone in a 9.5 well 39.5 but i'm not sure how it will fit.
  5. Ummm louboutins are sized pretty small... What is your US size?

    For example I wear a 7.5-8 in most brands like nine west etc but in prada, gucci and CL I wear a 38.5-39
  6. I wear a 9-9.5 in nine west, generally a 9.5-10 in US depending upon the shoe. I have two pairs of miu mius in a 41 though
  7. I love the glitter! I love both shoes, but I think the glitter is more versatile. If your US size is 9.5, I would go with a 40 or 40.5 in the glitter. I'm not sure about the anemone, but you could always check out our sizing thread. =)
  8. I have the gold glitters and adore them! I get lots of wear out of them too. I love the anemones but can't justify the cost as I don't think I'd get the wear out of them. They are somethin I might consider in the future though!
  9. I love both shoes but frankly I really dont think either of them are the most versatile of shoes... I mean they are both more on dressier side.

    I guess I wont say if "I had to pick" because I already have and my choice of dressy shoe would be the Anemones hands down. They run TTS or 1/2 size down if you have a narrow foot. I am afraid I never was much of a fan of the glitters even on the Pigalle which is my fave of all time.
  10. My vote here goes for the glitters because as previously mentioned they are just more versatile and fun! I really just think you'll get more wear of them! As for the sizing issues, either check our thread on that, or if possible head down to a store that carries CL and try on a couple pairs to see where you fit... Good luck!
  11. Glitters all the way! Comparing the 2 shoes you've mentioned, the Glitters are more versatile. As Noegirl already said, you can dress these babies down or dress them up. As for the sizing, I agree with oo_let_me, if you're a US 9.5, then you may need a 40 or 40.5 on the Glitters.
  12. I would also suggest the glitters. They are still available in stores ( Saks, NM) and they are more versatile. Since you wear a 9.5 in "regular" shoes, I would stay you would probably wear at 10.5 (40.5) in the glitters. You might be able to wear a 10 (40), but since the glitters are patent they won't stretch like kidskin.
    I wear a 9-9.5 in regular shoes and wear a 10 (40) in the NP/VP style such as the glitters.
  13. ^^Did you mean Grease Paint b/c the Glitters are sold out pretty much every where?
  14. Glitters hands down. Anemone are pretty, but the most unpractical shoe IMO.
  15. I have heard that the anemones are almost impossible to walk in. My vote is for the glitters.