Now WHY can't he get DNA testing?

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  1. After DHs snafu with bureaucracy, I'm just APPALLED at how people cannot prove their innocence. I'm sorry... a person has a RIGHT to DNA testing, it shouldn't ever be "too late"... for crying out loud!!!
  2. sometimes it seems that the judicial system is simply a game where whoever wins by any means stays on top. what happend to finding the truth??
  3. I know. I mean, the guy probably did it, but HOW, I mean HOW can you deny someone access to DNA testing? It can only incriminate him more or add some doubt to the case. DNA testing wasn't available before he was convicted.

    OK, this guy could be a total scum bag, granted, but if he is requesting a DNA test to be done, one should be done.

    DH told me there are men on death row who have been CLEARED with DNA but are still in prison because they cannot get a retrial. HOW, HOW is that possible???? And I'm upset that DH got arrested for an OWI with a 0.00 breathalyzer.
  4. Unreal. Makes me glad I am housebound. I can just see some rookie thinking I was "driving (in my wheelchair) drunk in public, only to find out I'm full of prescription painkiller... but if one can get a DUI (same as OWI Berry) for riding a bicycle after having a drink, then by law, they could get me too.

    Sad. Very sad. I agree, it should be a RIGHT for someone accused to be allowed a DNA test when they have all that evidence right there. It would be the final word either way if he did this.
  5. So they don't want to do it because they don't like to take on cases that are "speculative?" What about the MILLIONS of cases that really ARE speculative and frivolous at best? They certainly take on those, wasting millions of dollars. Something sounds pretty fishy in this case.
  6. Here DUI is a step up from OWI... I wish there was a universal terminology.
  7. Ah, okay. I was assuming OWI is Operating While Intoxicated and DUI I know means Driving Under (the) Influence.

    I just applied for a power wheelchair and the guy who came to fit me for it told me I COULD be arrested for DUI if I was "driving irratically" or if I was stopped on a public road for ANY reason (including getting hit by someone else) and I failed the breatherlizer or, refusing that, my blood showed ANY kind of narcotic, prescription or otherwise.

    I'd have to go to court and PROVE I was allowed the medication... hire a lawyer, etc. Totally derides the reason why I want to get a power chair, so I can get out of the house by myself. It's scary to think that even if I am the victim of something, I can be charged with DUI. (DUI in California encompases all things that could change your perceptions, alcohol, marijuana, medications, etc.)

    ANd I MORE than agree our courts are clogged up with petty and frivolious lawsuits, such as that judge who sued the dry-cleaners for millions of bucks, as well as convicted murderers who sue for stupid stuff like bad food, "inadaquate" medical care, (which is free btw) and other stuff. There was one here for a convicted murderer who claimed he couldn't see unless he toked on a joint three times a day, and the prison wouldn't allow him weed. AND HE WON!

    Makes one wonder what this world is coming to. :nuts: