Now.. who said Flagship was scary?

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  1. As you ladies probably know, SG has three Hermes stores along the same shopping belt. I usually shop at one of the smaller ones, but today I chanced a visit to the flagship because I was watching a movie in the building across the street.

    Now, I've always been intimidated by the flagship because (IMO) it stands very imposingly along the corner of the road. So all along I said, oh well, never mind, I can still get all my goodies at the smaller store.

    But I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped in today, although I was at first taken aback because there was no SA in sight on the first floor. The usual store I'm at only has 1 floor, and SAs are always within a foot or hovering nearby whenever you step in to offer assistance. Of cos I was also pleasantly surprised to see our local craftsman :P Said hi to him but didn't say much otherwise (too busy gawking all the pretty colors on the shelves!)

    I first asked to see agendas since that was the top of my list.. unfortunately for the MM size they only had blue jean and gold. I'd seen BJ in pictures and thought I would be ok with it... but I just didn't feel it, KWIM? The lovely SA did help me call the other stores to check color availability but they didn't have any. She did promise to call if they had incoming stock in the colors I was interested in. I chose to pass on that and instead settled for pocket squares.

    I have another confession to make. While I don't doubt the quality and loveliness of H scarves, I've had trouble really liking the designs. As in really loving them. But today I found one that I really really really love (but then the theme is close to my heart, so go figure :rolleyes:)

    So now, I've reversed my opinion of the flagship (it's not as imposing inside as it is from the outside) and of H scarves (while I still don't feel many of the designs yet, I do believe every now and then I'll chance upon one that I really really love and that's more than enough for me) and I wanted to share my new loot! :smile:

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  2. Oh Pyrexia, your scarf is just beautiful! What a gorgeous lady!! I am so glad you took a chance and visited the flagship store. And it paid off with this lovely acqusition! I am so jealous that you have THREE stores you can visit whenever you like.
  3. Thank you oregonfanlisa :heart:
    Having three stores is probably one of the benefits of having an entire country small enough to travel from one end to the other in approximately 1 hour if traffic is good (45 mins if you choose to ignore speed limits!) :P
  4. Beautiful choice! Love the colours and pattern.
  5. Congratulations on your NEW pouchette, and the wonderful time you had visiting Hermes! I love this scarf, I have it in the red/black!! Thanks for sharing your story and pics!
  6. CONGRATULATIONS, pyrexia! Great purchase!

    On a normal day, you'd see more SAs on the first floor. 4 of them at least. You went on a day after the official opening of the art exhibition on the 3rd floor, and the event ended very late the night before. So many SAs were given the off day. Otherwise, you would have met my SA and also the SAs of the other SG girls.

    I can guess whom you met today. There were only 2 of them, I think. One very young and the other is the store supervisor!
  7. Thank you Cal :heart:

    AnHermesLover, I initially wanted the red and black combi cos I saw it on, but they only had green/black and yellow/black in stock. And recently I've been having this thing for green... :rolleyes::roflmfao:

    MrsS, thank you :P I did see a few SAs today? The lady who attended to me was fairly young and I guess somewhat new? (I'm not sure, I didn't dare ask!) I did meet a male SA while I was browsing and I think there was one more around. If I'm guessing correctly, the store surpervisor was the lady who helped wrap my pochette, although I did not get the chance to speak with her.
  8. That scarf is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations!
  9. LOL. Looks like I was at the store too early to see more SAs at work. The store floor was looking a bit thin at store opening time.
  10. Pyrexia ~ I have that pouchette in the pink colorway.
    Glad you had a great experience.
  11. You must've been there pretty early! :yes:
    I was there near closing time... about 5ish? So perhaps a couple others came in after lunch or something.
  12. Nola, thank you very much :P

    Sus, I've never seen this design in pink. I'm betting that it is GORGEOUS! (and pink is my favorite color too!) :drool:
  13. Pyrexia, congrats! Gorgeous scarf.
  14. Pyrexia, I love your Hola Flamenca!! I have it in the red/black/white colorway and just like you, when I saw the design, it was immediate :heart:.
  15. Pyrexia, I love that scarf! It's absolutely gorgeous!