Now, who said damier can't be my buddy?

  1. I found a use for the LV RAOK buddy present!

    I went kickboxing, and normally I only bring my key holder and a bottle of water...recently there seem to be more cops floating I decided to be safe and brought my ID card and some change in case of emergency.


    I thought of using my cles, but I just leave my key holder and the water by the side of the gym room, so I didn't want to attract theft. :push:

    A big thanks to my buddy!! :tup:
  2. How nice!
  3. Very clever!
  4. very cool
  5. in case you guys can't see, the coach mini wrislet is clipped onto the key holder :p
  6. What a nice gift from your RAOK buddy!
  7. wonderful gift from your buddy!! I need to get on of those!
  8. aha, now I see it, that's so clever!! yay for you and your buddy!!!
  9. very cute!
  10. That's a really nice gift! Congrats! :yes:
  11. ^ thanks y'all!!!
  12. looks really nice that way! good way to use the coach mini wristlet w/ your lv goodies!
  13. so cute.
  14. Awesome idea Ren!!!!!!!!!
  15. Great idea!