*Now*which one of us .....

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  1. i feel proud if it was a tpfer who did that.
  2. I remember back in my early days of LV being tempted to buy a guide but thankfully, with hours of internet research, I think i'm somewhat good about telling authentic from fake.

    I know at least not to buy a cherry blossom speedy! (even though they are SOOOO cute sometimes!)

    I say yay to anyone seling this just so long as it is really in-depth. I would always direct people to mypoupette's guide though!

    Thanks for posting! :flowers:
  3. Wow I hope people take notice of that. I hate when people think they're getting a bargain on an LV bag when it's really a completely obvious fake.
  4. :yes: . Fess up Rebecca. I know it was you;)
  5. Haha I wish. Actually I'd offer it for free if I had done it. :p
  6. ^^^that is just ONE of the reasons you are so F$cking cool!
  7. Good idea, until the buyer learns they could have gotten the information for free elsewhere :p

  8. You should do one, that would be awesome. :yes:
  9. Lol thanks.

    I might do one eventually if I have some time. These 5 essays for my psych classes and research paper for my writing class aren't going to write themselves haha. (Though I'd LOVE it if they would!) :lol:
  10. Lol I wonder if it is a tPFer!
  11. It may be a TPFer. They would give the best information
  12. Well, I wish whoever it is the very best!
  13. How cool!
  14. It woud be awesome if the seller is a fellow tPFer.