Now, Where's That Sofa???

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  1. It looks like I will be sitting on the sofa for quite a while to come. This one looks quite comfy, don't you think?

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  2. Come on everyone - Lola's doing her reveal :woohoo::woohoo:
  3. woho, reveal time! You never stay long on the sofa anyway;) but it does look comfy...
  4. It is under my backside, come and join me, lol!

    can't wait to see what you have bought! xx
  5. This time I am here for a looooooong time!!!

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  6. Sorry Lola but tPF is a well known solvent of butts Super Glued to sofas..
  7. Can I borrow that glue?!

    It sounds like you have been very bad......xx
  8. Come on Lola show us whatcha got
  9. I'll have to sign off from TPF for a while if that's the case Slow.

    Right here we go - starting off small. Bought this at the BT Mulberry event at the start of Sept. Any guesses???

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  10. It looks small! defo not a bayswater, lol xx
  11. Strip!
  12. keyring?
  13. Definitely not a BAyswater IWANB. I haven't sucumbed yet to the Bays charms.

    It is small and very cute and I have to say surprising useful. I have used it loads since I got it and it was brilliant last week when I was away - I went out at night with just the essentials - phone, money, bank card and room key.

    Without further ado - The Daria iPhone Messenger in Black Spongy Leather.

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  14. How cute is that Lola? But surely not reallyworth staying on the sofa for?
  15. very cute little thing :biggrin: