Now what??!

Aug 29, 2009
Hello ladies, sorry for not showing the reveal but thanks to so many of you lovely ladies advice I got my beautiful first birk at FSH in September. Now onto the not so happy news... she's too strong for me :shucks:

She's the new lovely color ocra that I snapped up in an instant given that that is what one does when faced with a 35 in Paris. However after the high of the hunt wore off I noticed that on my olive complexion she sadly makes my skin look dull (and a little sickly...AHHHHH!!!!) when she's on my arm. It's hard to admit but I'm not IN LOVE.

I'm grossed out with the idea of ebay and am considering shooting out emails to consignment shops in the LA area that could help me swap her out for a true perfect match in a more neutral tone but was crossing my fingers that one of you dolls have been through my predicament and could share your knowledge? Grazie. :ty:

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Jan 30, 2007
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How long will Hermes do store credit? Is it too late to take it to your local boutique and do an exchange.

A birkin is FAR too much to spend if you aren't completely crazy in love with it - exchange it for your perfect bag! (either at a reseller or boutique if that is still an option)


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Oct 1, 2008
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FollowingBliss, I had a similar situation. I bought a bag at FSH then realized it wasn't right for me when I went home. Since it was approximately 2 weeks after the purchase, I was able to exchange and get store credit at my local H.

Good luck!


Jun 4, 2006
Do you have pictures of the bag? If you used it than you can't take it back..


Jan 17, 2009
well yes, still am actually with an amethyst matt prosus croc birkin .same effect the chance the fact it is perfect divine croc, and it just for some reason does not work so i want to let go but then i think of it and hhhhmmmmm kick back .because im not sure at all ,but heres the thing to do i have noticed that with time it has been warming up to me and until i find the perfect bag to replace it and the perfect option to sell, like person to person or friend .im not going resseller or ebay, i guess im not helping much to solve your problem. but point is you are not alone ,i understand and it feels weird right! the worlds most perfect bag , and we are just not in love i mean look at me i have changed this croc with an outfit almost made for it and worn a blue jean togo because it just does not go with me as a person , so dont woory take it easy sell and buy perfection .hope it helps birkel.


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Oct 13, 2006
I'm sorry to hear of your buyers remorse. I think it may happen very often at FSH because people are just in the moment of being presented a bag that they can only ever dream of, and weren't given enough time to consider their purchase with a clear mind.

Hope you will find a consignment store to sort this out for you or have your local store give you store credit (but not sure how that works with different currencies, it might be store credit for FSH only)! Good luck!
Aug 29, 2009
Thank you for the vote of confidence. My friends are on the verge of having me committed but after a near decade of dreaming of my perfect bag I want it to be just that... Perfect. I'm sure Hermes would have taken it back happily after maybe a week but 6 months is far too long I'm sure. I'm going to start contacting consignors. Wish me luck that lightning strikes twice xoxo
Aug 29, 2009
It would be my pleasure. My lovely 35 PD HW BIRK in Okra.... J. P. Gaultier's new color for Fall09. Bon appetite.

(Please keep in mind that this pic was taken by my photog friend's super artsy camera and at night so the color pops a bit more than with day light... If she always looked like this there be not a whisper of doubt)