Now what??

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  1. WARNING: Long Rant!!!

    I sold a purse last Sunday and the buyer paid right away so I shipped the very next day. I always insure my bags and require a signature since paypal requires anything over $250 to be signed for. I checked the delivery status on Wednesday and it said it was out for delivery. I received an e-mail on Friday asking where the bag was so I rechecked the status. It says they left a notice and she could call and reschedule delivery or pick it up from the post office. I have always communicated well with my buyers by sending immediate e-mails after they pay and also forwarding tracking numbers the day the item ships. It surprised me that after two e-mails with all the info that she would contact me and ask me where the item was when I had already sent a tracking number. It has been 9 days and my bag still sits at the post office, they told me on the 15 day it will be sent back. Why in the world would someone pay for something and not pick it up?? If the bag comes back I do not think I should refund the shipping charges which I'm sure the bad feedback system will work against me. Not to mention trying to get my fees back, *bay requires the buyer to mutually agree to end the transaction before I can get my fees back. I have left numerous e-mails (8) asking her to contact me but have not gotten a reply. I suspect maybe the one e-mail that was sent to me by the buyer was trying to see if the bag was insured and would be requiring a signature. I almost feel like a scam was avoided because as soon as I copied the info from the usps sight with all of the details I never heard from her again and now she won't pick up the bag... If she changed her mind, whatever, just let me know.. Now what???
  2. First of all message her via ebay messaging, advising her that you responded to her email inquiry on XXX dates about her ebay purchase auction # XXX, shipped to her on XXX date. And that per the tracking # XXXXX that you provided her on XXX date, delivery attempt was made by USPS on XXX date, and the package still sits at the PO awaiting her to pick it up or re-schedule delivery.
    Basically send her an ebay message stating all that has transpired thus far. This will at least give ebay/PP a record as to your attempts to contact/reply to her in case she files an INR dispute.
    Then you wait to see what she does. If you get the package back, wait for her to contact you as to a reship or refund request.
  3. You could pull her contact info and give her a call. Go to advanced search and then along the left side of the page will be request.

    When they send it to you, they will also send yours to her.
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    Lets just hope that she just does not have the time to pick up the item yet-or actually she can just call the PO and ask to re-deliver the package.
    But I am bit concern, I had 2 packages (USPS) that has the tracking stated "Out For Delivery" for nearly 2 weeks now but both Buyers has left feedback that they like the item, as described-sure indicated they received the item (and I just checked the tracking, still has not change!) One of the bag $1,299 and the other one for $390. Of course I insure both and w/signature confirmation. I can't imagine if any of those 2 buyers try to scam me, I may will lost the dispute as the tracking never show DELIVER!
    Why don't you call your buyer PO and find out if the package is really still sit in there (or did you already called and they said it will send back to you after 15 days?)
  5. Your PO should be able to print the signatures for you if you provide the tracking #'s.
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    That is providing the carrier got a signature. I shippped a bag with signature confirmation and for a week the status showed "Out for Delivery". I followed up with my PO and all they could tell me at the time was that it showed ...."Out for Delivery." So the Postmaster contacted the receiving PO. Come to find out the carrier remembered delivering the package and package was delivered without a signature. This was a situation where I needed the signature for proof of delivery. The receiving PO had the carrier go back to the "adressee" and retrieve a signature. It could have been a nightmare without proof of delivery .... just because some carrier was too lazy to get a signature.

    meandmylouis: I would go to your PO and find out where those signatures are because you are right .... if any of those 2 buyers try to scam you, you will lost the dispute as the tracking never show DELIVER! ANd then you would have to go the insurance route with the PO. Although the buyers have already left feedback I would not rest until I had proof of delivery. And the USPS needs to be held accountable for not getting signatures if this is also true in your case.

    OP call your PO and make sure the package is still there. After my experience I don't have a lot of faith in the USPS.
  7. Unfortunately this was not the case, as tracking DO NOT showed that the package has been deliver!
  8. I called one of my buyer PO (the one $1,299) to find out what's, the person answered the phone said unfortunately there was no update on the tracking number but the one I saw (Out for Delivery) and told me to call again in a few days. I did not call again, since my Buyer left a feedback. But until now, the tracking still has not change. If my Buyer is a crook, all she has to do is just file a dispute with Paypal-and I will LOST it! Not that I do not have the signature, but I can't proof that the item (s) has been delivered!
    See, one of the factor paypal can scam you, is this kind of issue with USPS!

    Sorry OP, not try to make you worry, but call your buyer PO as soon as possible to check the package-hopefully the package still there, not picked up by your buyer but the PO "FORGOT" to scan/capture the signature.
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    I am aware that the online tracking that you and I can view does not show delivered. Occasionally, tho, even when online tracking did not update, the PO's internal system may have. IF your PO cannot locate a signature, they may can initiate an investigation into these parcels which, according to your buyers, have indeed been delivered. You can also initiate an investigation at USPS.COM as to why delivered per the buyers, but nothing updated in online tracking.

    All I am saying is that if you have concerns that you may have issues, you still have some options as to trying to track down signatures.
  10. Wow, amazing that they do this, made the carrier went back to get the signature!
    Do you think maybe I file insurance claim to make them change the delivery status to DELIVERED? Just a thought.
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    I called both PO, tracking showed the same as I viewed it. They can not showed the items has been delivered, much less to show signatures!
    I also send my complain via but they never answer.
    Maybe the only way to make them investigate is to file a insurance claim-but I do not want to bother further this time because I do not have issue with both of my buyers.
    But this is wrong, USPS screwed up-lazy delivery person that did not even scan upon delivery! We do not know there probably many out there lost claim because of this issue.
  12. 800# for packages not delivered
    Who should I contact if I haven't received a specific item?

    If you have a tracking number - Contact Track and Confirm customer service at:

    I would recommend that you pursue this B4 you have a problem, as FAST they are not, and you could lose a claim while waiting for USPS.
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    I did all the above, the only thing I haven't done is to file insurance claim-which believe it or not, suggested by my PO-and she said if USPS goof, USPS must pay!
    Anyway, we try to solve OP issue here. Thanks for all your advise.
    Just to warning you all on what disaster it could be with issue like this if one has crook buyers!
    I also loose faith with USPS since a couple years ago.
  14. LOL! OK, I'll quit. :biggrin:
    And maybe they are right. File a claim and perhaps... POOF.. magically the signatures showing delivery will appear!;)
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    LOL. I may start a new thread for this. Thanks,