Now What?

  1. I just resold a bag I bought on eBay. It was an authentic Marc Jacobs. I list that there is an ink spot in interior of bag, I did not specify where, it was on interior leather. There were no ink spots anywhere else, it is a 4 year old used bag. She says there is inkspot on interior plus on leather. I have no idea what she is talking about because there was only one spot. She could easily add the others, she has the bag. She asked no questions before purchase and I offered no refunds, now she wants her money back. She had the bag 2 days before I heard from her. I said no refund she says she is going to file a dispute. I have not answered her. I don't need people hassleing me. She could have emailed me prior to sale to ask questions, she did not. I say it is hers, I said ink spot in my listing and I was not referring to suede interior as there were none there. The ink can be removed but I say it is her problem. I know what was there when I sent it to her. How do I know she has not added others!:sad:
  2. Maybe you can offer her some money back, but if you explained in the auction that the bag was used and she knew it was used then you should be ok. If she does open a dispute with paypal you can argue that the auction stated that it was a used handbag and had the ink spot and that it was not a brand new bag.Good luck.
  3. "caveat emptor" let her open a dispute, I called eBay help line, they suggested to ignore her. If she opens a dispute to deal only through them. I am not making any money on eBay and I don't need the hassles, I have enough with everything else in my life!!She did not ask any questions prior to zapping BIN button, she just bought!!
  4. ITA, like we need these hassles when we aren't even making a profit. sorry for your headache!