Now what seller trying to get out of sale?

  1. I won an item from a mprs, and got a killer deal. I checked with them before I bid about thier paypal issues and they messaged me that it would be fine if I used paypal instead of the wire transfer they prefer from int. bidders. I go to pay for the item and paypal won't accept my payment because of non-us account. So I message him back and ask him how he would like me to pay him. Now he tells me that he will cancel the sale and do a mutual. I want this item. Do you think he is trying to get out because I got the item for pennies and what do I do now? Help:confused1:
  2. It is possible that the seller prefers not to sell with thus low price. However, if the seller has excellent feedbacks from selling, and you really want the bag, then you might consider using wire transfer. Wire transfer provides no protection to buyers. It depends how much you want this bag. If the payment term cannot get agreed between you and the seller, and seller is not paid, he/she sure has the rights to cancel this transaction.
  3. I have offered to pay by wire tranfer twice. Once in my email about paypal and then my reply to him about cancelling the sale. Does he not have an obligation to go through with the sale if I meet his terms ie: pay through wire thransfer for int. sale. I feel if they did not set a reserve or bidding at a certain price, they were willing to let it go at the highest bid. Even if it was low.
  4. This looks like this is seller remorse. What did he say when you asked his bank info for wire transfer? If his listing indicated bank wire is one of the payment options, you sure have the rights to keep "bugging" him. But keep one thing in mind -- bank wire provides no protection to buyers. You have to think how badly you want this bag in order to take that risk.

    I know there are cases sellers claimed the items were damaged or lost and refunded buyers' PayPal payment. So sellers could cancel the transaction as long as sellers returned buyers' money. I know this is not right. But eBay does offer that options to sellers.

    I'd suggest you keep contacting the seller and ask him for bank wire info. If he insists canceling this transaction, you could leave him a feedback for the truth.

    I am sorry this happened to you. eBay selling is slow right now. Obviously this seller started the listing low and hoped to attract more bids. Now he has low interests to sell it with this low price.

    In the meantime, find out how you can make your non-us PayPal be legit to pay; otherwise this will happen again.
  5. It's not a bag, it is an small item, but I got it for under $30. He has not replyed to my question yet to pay through wire transfer. They have good feedback and are a powerseller you'd think they would be smarter than this. I don't know if I am willing to take an neg over this, but I really do want the item and I have complyed with his terms. If I neg him for non preforming seller I know I will get one in return.
  6. It is possible you received a retaliated feedback once you leave them a negative. You are right. For a $30 transaction, it is worth for the risk.

    Since the item is only $30 (they might don't want to bother doing the wirie transfer) and you cannot pay them via PayPal, the decision is on their hand if they want to complete this transaction or not.

    Or, you could ask them if they accept Google checkout?
  7. whats an MPRS?
  8. MPRS = My Poupette Recommended Seller :smile:
  9. I had someone do something similar to this w/ a LV purse. Her terms said net 5 and she sent me this nasty email on day 3 after auction close saying "Where is my payment for this, I will file an NPB." I was like, huh? I mean, usually I pay w/in 24 hours, we just happened to have a family emergency. So, then I responded and paid her via PayPal immediately, I apologized and said well I thought I was still ok because I was in your 5 day window as this is only day 3. So, about two hours later, she refunds my money and I see where she filed a mutual agreement case to get her eBay fees back. So, I responded, this was not mutual. Then she sends me an email back and curses me out, calls me a nutcase etc etc. Now, at this point, no I don't want to buy from her.. however, sadly I had told my mom I would buy this purse for her. Some ppl are just nuts... I see where she then listed the purse for a higher amount than what I won it for, so I finally figured out that is what had her in a snit, it did not sale for what she wanted it too.
  10. Hmm, the seller is just as obligated to go through the sale as is the buyer. If you want the item that bad, and the seller is not willing to keep up their end of the bargain, I would report to ebay.
  11. when you say wire transfer - do you mean Western Union? that would of course not be safe.

    but if you mean bank transfer - how is that not safe? it is going out of one bank account, into another - you can definitely prove that isn't it?

    back to topic though: it sounds like they are trying to get out of the sale. in that case, be firm and tell them you have won the item, you are willing to pay how they want you to pay (is this A LOOOOT of money you would send via transfer?), so they should hold up their end of the deal. if he still doesn't want to sell you can of course report them for non-performing seller but hey, not much you can do to get the item I am afraid.
  12. You can report it but eBay will NOT do anything about it. Been there, done that. :sad:
  13. They are not answering my messages. I am going to send them one more and then I don't know what? I would love to neg them. It would hurt them more than me I only buy and not very often. I offered to pay bank wire tranfer from first contact before I had even won the item. ugh, this is my first rotten ebay experince. I have thier phone number maybe I should call them?
  14. I know that feedback is important, but honestly if it were me I would not hesitate to neg them. So they neg you back, what can they really say? You state in your feedback that seller refused to go through with sale after you tried to pay the way they asked...anyone that is that concerned with reading your feedback will see that they left you negative as a retaliation. That would be another strike against them as far as I am concerned.

    If you feel that you have something that you want to say to them, go ahead and call them. What they are doing is not fair, and they should be called out on that.
  15. I reported mine to Ebay, esp when they filed the false NPB saying it was a "mutual agreement" so they could get their fees back. So, that is when it escalated to her email w/ name calling. I reported her as a non-selling seller, filing a false NPB, and harrassment. Ebay did nothing, gave her her fees back saying "make sure you and the seller agree before filing one in the future" and told me if I truely felt "threatned to contact local authorities." As for the negative, of course I couldn't do it as then I would get her retalitory feedback even though I had done nothing wrong.