Now what? Fake MJ Blake update...

  1. That Marc Jacobs bag - should I contact her and see what she says first?
  2. Go to the seller first.
  3. I think you need to go to her first, and see what happens.
  4. Hm, I am not sure - I just got in touch with a seller re a fake, and simultaneously reported it to paypal - now the seller insists that the bag is authentic, etc, and threatens not to refund if I don't release claim.

    I feel safer that I reported the situation to paypal before they could take out all their funds and I am left with nothing.

    this is diffferent if it falls under paypal buyer protection.
  5. paypal first. Because if you call seller first you may see as unregistered member anymore. Paypal will still help you but it will be more difficult
  6. Most sellers know they are selling fakes and are pretty quick to take them back. Did she have a return policy on the listing? If she did I would contact seller first and let her know that if she does not respond promptly you will be left with no choice but to open claims against her. Good luck.
  7. If you go through PayPal it will take approximately 6 weeks for them to resolve the complaint. I would try the seller first and if she doesn't seem to feel cooperative, go directly to PayPal to get the ball rolling. Good luck.
  8. This is what she wrote back:

    The bad I sold you is defenitely authentic. It seems like you didn't like it or something. I never would sell anything fake. Please see my feedback. The sale if final and binding as I assure you the bag is authentic. All the pictures are actual pictures of the bag. The name plate and everything is authentic.

    I have 2 gucci bags and a fendi in my own closet. And many gucci clothes. I would not wear anything that is fake myself, and therefore would not sell anything fake.

    I'm proceeding. How could she say this?
    Can someone post pics of their Blake to compare back to back to mine.

    OK Now I"m seriously flipping out :sad: I contacted my credit card company and they said they are sending out paperwork to be filled out and that I am to return the bag to her (even though she said she would not issue a credit) with receipt/signature. Am I protected? If I am selling her back a $500 FAKE then I have NO merchandise and no 100% guarantee for credit back to me? I've never gone through this before and I just want to be clear on this - by sending her BACK the bag - this will suffice WITH my explanation of why the bag was fake - in order to receive my money back - DESPITE her claims of it being authentic and refusing to send payment? I hope someone can fill me in soon b/c I'm getting antsy about this whole thing now. Is there a chance I will be out $500 AND A FAKE BAG?

    I have my Visa card AND paypal both involved now.

    To prove the Fake quality of the bag - do I need sidebyside photos of my blake's fake parts compared to a real blake? How do I prove it , if I have to? I took a million pics of the bag and now I'm told by my credit card company to send it back to her - am I safe doing this? Also, Should I contact her again or no anymore?
  9. im not sure if this will help, but i have saw on eBay where people will say that they refund $$ back, if the buyer proves its fake. They said to prove its fake they want it authenticated by a dept. store in writing with the phone # and person that authenticated its signature. I would go ahead and get this before i send the bag back.

    personally i wouldn't feel comfortable sending the bag back, with her saying she isn't going to refund your money. I would ask the CC comp. what they will do if you send the bag back and she refuses to refund your money!

    this is terrible! what is with all this lately! :yucky::hysteric:
  10. The seller responded saying the bag is 100% authentic and she wears Gucci and Prada and Fendi and they're all original and there's no way she would ever sell fakes b/c she doesn't wear fake..blah blah blah...

    The seller may not even freaking know her bag is a fake! My credit card is working on the charge now...however,

    I just tried to escalate the claim through and it says that it's less than 3 days - maybe it can be resolved so wait till after 3 days (is this normal?)

    My credit card says to send the bag back to the original address and keep all receipts. Is this safe? Could I lose the fake merchandise AND the eventually lose the claim too?
  11. Yep, to prove its fake you need a letter from a Marc Jacobs boutique. *huggles* I hope this gets sorted soon
  12. Contact seller first, but file a dispute and escalate up to a claim right afterwards. She doesn't have any right to tell you that she won't refund you if you don't cancel the claim. If you cancel it, she definently doesn't have to refund your money.
  13. in this context, I just escalated to a claim - paypal wants me to get certificate/letter for bag, the seller wants to refund if I return the bag - so now what????

    If I return the bag, the seller says they have to 'check' (i guess whether it is still in the same condition....), but I think I don't have anything then if they don't return the money... ah, I guess it is best to go with paypal??
  14. I would contact the seller first and see how they respond.
  15. Contact seller & if she doesn't offer an immediate refund open Paypal dispute