Now what do I do???


May 19, 2015
Hello to all. I purchased or at least I thought I purchased a ysl handbag calfskin large collage bag in burgundy until I received an email two days later that it was sold out. I have had my eye on the all black large bag and the black with shw, but wanted burgandy. I also have also be interested in the medium size bag but feel that it might be to small for everyday. I love the metallic color. Have had concerns with the large one and maybe it might soften and lose its shape. Do I get a large black, continue to wait for the burgundy to come back, or go for the medium. I have been waitlist for the bugandy for about a yr now. It sells that fast. I would greatly appreciate all comments. What is a girl to do? Thank you for your help!!!!


Jun 13, 2014
If you want a burgundy can you get it from another store? I know my YSL has them in stock. Also, your post is a bit confusing as you mention that you like all the Colors. I would get the colour and Size you like best and in regards to med and large, I would try them on. I do wish the med was a bit bigger but I like the longer strap and I think the med isn't as sloppy as the large.


Feb 4, 2010
Are you in the states? Try calling the boutique at South Coast Plaza. They can ship it to you. I'm pretty sure I saw one there a month ago. If you need an SA's number let me know!