Now...what about the Gucci with velvet mushrooms?

  1. What do you think about this one? The first picture is on on bluefly for about $1200. The second picture is on for $985, but I think it look fake.

  2. im sorry i dont like it at all!
  3. Well, the G's are a little to big for my taste. Too "showy" I guess. I like the green color and shape of the bag. I can't see the pattern to clearly, but it looks cute.. not my style though.
  4. don't like it at all
  5. I dont like the mushrooms. But you should call the outlets first.
  6. I dont mind the Gs
    but I am not sure about the mushrooms. Plus not sure how the design will match most of my stuffs.
  7. Not my style personally.
  8. I like it. I think it is fun bag and would go well with khaki, brown, and neutral.

    I do agree that the one from Amazon looks 'funny'-just not sure if it is fake. You may want to post it in the authenticate this section.
  9. I think its cute
  10. Hi blew415,

    Would the Gucci Mushroom bag look a little bit less "funny", if I were to PM you pictures of the inside of this bag? There is still the Gucci original price tag attached to the zipper. We just didn't want to show this picture on Amazon. I really love this bag, and was wondering, if I am the only person in the world. Thank God - there are two more people out there, who seem to like it: you and "lisasbag".
  11. comment
  12. Save your money and get a classic bag :smile:.
  13. ^^^^ I totally agree!!!!
    Get a classic