Now we can see Nicole's bump!

  1. [​IMG]



    I added more photos because i think she is more than perfect! she looks so beautiful!
    The dress is one of my favorite i ever seen on Nicole!
  2. It's coming...

    I have a feeling she is going to blow up by the ninth month
  3. cute :smile:
  4. she scares me.
  5. ^why does she scare you. She must be about a day pregnant cause I cant notice any bump
  6. Just her facial expressions sometimes. like in that 2nd pic. she is always so pale.

  7. the first pic shows it. it's not very big, but it's definetly there!
  8. Barely.. I mean, it's only on super thin celebrities that it would be a bump.. for us mere mortals, that's just the daily bloat ! :p
  9. her hands are scary. :wtf:
  10. she just looks so happy :smile:
  11. wow, I guess she got her lips done!
  12. i thnk she one of the most beautifu ladies out there...:heart:
  13. She looks so happy!
  14. I heard that she is 4 months along on Access Hollywood last night, (I know lame show).
  15. I like her...and I think she will be stunning even in her 9th month