NOW this worries me with Ebay!!!

  1. Let-Trade a BIG SELLER bought this bag.
    I saw it a couple of days ago and thought WOW 700.00 BIN price is GREAT BUT after looking at the bag more and comparing it to my cerises bag THIS bag looks fake..I KNOW mine is real,,
    WHAT WORRIES me is LET-TRADE bought this bag to sell...
    (I BELIEVE this is a GREAT FAKE and I don't want any of you girls to buy it from let trade in case it is)

    If I am Wrong Please let me know...
  2. This was a topic earlier today.. here's the link seems someone emailed let-trade and they are aware the bag is fake.. and arent paying.

    We at the forum think perhaps they have someone that purchases for them and wasnt aware it was fake.
  3. :sad: I'm really dissapointed they did.I was :wtf: .BIG MISTAKE.:rant:
  4. OH!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS..I most have missed that thread,,,I did not want ANYONE here to buy this bag from let- trade...Sorry for the double post ;)
  5. Wow! I thought Let-trade was one of the best to buy from on eBay....Can you please explain to me how you knew this bag was a fake? You have a good eye for it!
  6. That's so scary!!! I thought I was getting pretty good at spotting fakes on ebay until I saw this Manhattan up for auction from someone with perfect feedback. It started at $400 and it included both tags that come with lv purchases an authentic reciept the dustbag AND the box!!!!! I'm scared because I know that from that info alone I prob may have purchased it but the date code inside was VI0028. So made in Feb 2008!!!
  7. hmm sometimes there are datecodes in the future on authentic bags. If you like at past posts, I have a saleya pm that has a 2008 datecode and someone else does too. It's weird.
  8. Don't they inspect them when they receive them too? I'm a little scared now, I never second guess lettrade. I haven't bought from her / them yet but as soon as I get a job I was going to start my cerise collection from her / them.
  9. I heard of the super fakes, those bags are highly well done. Some says that it's hard to say when you see the bag. I 'm myself sooo bad in spotting a fake that I'm afraid of ebay. Those super fakes are produced in asia and are more expensive to make but the result is a miroir copy of the real thing. I think it's disgusting.
  10. I think it was an honest mistake. Let-Trade is an MPRS and would certainly inspect any items before they are put up for sale. Let's try to remember that Let-Trade has never listed a fake bag and has excellent feedback thus far.
  11. That was a good call, vipstyle! At first glance, it looks okay but when you start looking at the cerises and the lock then you realize that it's a fake. I'm sure let-trade wouldn't want to ruin their reputation ... it was probably an honest mistake on their part, they just got a little too eager!
  12. Vipstyle ~ Thank You ~ That Was Great Info! :smile:

    I'm Also Glad Let-Trade Is Aware Of It As Well...
  13. thanks to the pf member that alerted let-trade
  14. You are right..IT DOES look REALLY good until you REALLY compare...and that is what I did..I ALMOST bought it myself LOL...

    LET-TRADE IS A GREAT SELLER and when I seen the auction ended with BIN I thought MAYBE is it real since let-trade bought it ..kwim???
    But I knew something was wrong after REALLY looking at the bag again...
    HEY these things happen...It just STINKS ...and these SUPER fake bags LOOK SO GOOD..Unless you know what to look for ......YOU CAN BE FOOLED:shame:

    I know Let-trade WOULD never try and pass a fake.
    But things can SLIP sometimes by accident:heart: