Now This Takes The Cake!

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  1. Matt, that seller makes me sick. I just did live chat with eBay and told them that every single Choo bag vigliarolo06hsges has is counterfeit. The eBay rep said he will try to get them pulled.
  2. I saw that earlier and reported them. It's really outrageous!
  3. This is getting ridiculous! There are at least 3 or 4 sellers that have recently been selling really bad fakes and lots of them, on ebay. I report them every time I log on and they still sell for several rounds before they are yanked! You know, I really don't care if they say they are replica bags even tho it is illegal, at least the people who will stoop to buying this trash know they are getting fake. :cursing:

  4. Jburgh,
    I totally agree!
    I'm sure that Ebay's main concern is that they make their money from the listing fee's.:cursing:
    I just wish They really cared.
    BTW They never pulled his CRAP and it all just timed out like always.
    I figure Ebay's excuse for not pulling it is that they don't claim it to be Authentic.
    They must have one special price for these crooks to list so much CRAP over and over!
    Good try though and we can not give in to these scum!:tup:

    Thanks for all the help!
    This one evil fight that we must win!
    And yes, Trust me I'm on my HIGH HORSE and I want put these CLOWNS all out of Business!:hs:

    I know what you mean!
    I got form letters wrote for Ebay for some of these CLOWNS!:wtf:
    And I agree with you on the replica thing atleast then people would know at least that they are buying FAKE CRAP and not the real thing!
    I wish that I had a better answer as to what we should do as far as this problem.
    I just wish Jimmy CHoo cared enough to go after Ebay about the Jimmy Foo's!:cursing:

    All I say let's not get mad but think of a way to get EVEN with them!:tup:

    I also Encourage Everyone else who reads this thread to help us fight this fight!

    These FAKES only Cheapen your Jimmy CHoo's!

    And disappoint those who buy these FAKES that come here then to find out that they have been ripped off!

    Also, remember that this is fraud and these people would steal all the money that they can get from any and everyone of us and laugh about it as they do it!

  5. Well Our Favorite A$$ CLOWN:throwup: (vigliarolo06hsges) has relisted his Jimmy Foo CRAP again!:cursing:
    13 fine listings once again!
    That was real big surpise.... NOT!:shrugs:
    And once again I sent in the Get this Same FAKE CRAP off EBAY request!

    I' sure that even if we get this A$$ CLOWN:throwup: Banned from Ebay he'll be backs as say his new next name vigliarolo07hsges!:Push:
    Anyone want to give me odds on that one!:hrmm:


  6. :party:Woo-Hoo!:party:

    :party:Well we finally Won one!:party:

    No longer a registered user

    All of their stuff was pulled last night and they no longer can sell under this name!:tup:

    Thanks to all who helped put this seller out of business!:drinks:

  7. Congrats!! :wlae: I wish JC would set up and commit to a Vero program like some other retailers.
  8. Thanks Lionlaw,:woohoo:
    I also wish JC would do that also!
    But until they do I'm going to be these SCUM's:cursing: biggest THORN they ever saw!
    Of coarse it takes all of us to get this guys BANNED and I know that if enough of us Report these SCUM Ebay will do something.
    Maybe Ebay does care?:girlsigh:

  9. its already been removed!
  10. I'm sorry if I didn't make myself clear.:shrugs:
    I refurring to the next batch of SCUM:cursing: that comes our way and there is still plenty of single or smaller sellers of Jimmy Foo's out there!:cursing:
    That was just a big one!:cursing:

  11. Yeah it does bite!