Now this quilted bay is nice!!!!!

  1. Had to share this with you, piccie of a green patent quilted bay from the A/W collection, so will be available from Sept onwards :yes:

    Loving that the pull tabs are now a different colour, and the hardware is silver. This bag I think could be big for winter, and its great to know they are planning on continuing the bay into the next collection :smile:

  2. That is nice Chloe, what other colours? Green is not for me.

    Glad they are keeping some "sensible" bags LOL
  3. i love love the color. not sure about the brown yet.
  4. Woah! That is one gorgeous Bay! :nuts:

    I would be tempted but green just doesn't work on me - nor does patent for that matter! Drat! :push:
  5. Sorry but that really is not me (makes me shiver)
    too green, too patent, too two tone grhhh.
    Sorry for being so boring!:shame:
  6. It kind of reminds me of a british racing green, a very traditional english colour :yes:

    Of course its not going to be for everybody, but it is great how a colour can completely change the look of a bag :smile:
  7. Love this Color! Now this would be a great addition to my Black Bay.
    Thanks chloe-babe for posting!
  8. :huh: Way toooooooooo green. What colour could you wear with that besides green?
  9. :weird: Patent is nice, but I don't wear green!

    I like the leather version more than patent ~:love:
  10. gorgeous!
  11. For some reason I am really drawn to this bag! I'm tired of playing it safe - especially since I have most of those bases covered. Time for something outrageous! Something wild and statement making!
  12. I think browns, tans and creams look amazing with green, as does white, and black :yes:

    or, you could go for an amazing clash with something vivid and jewel coloured like Magenta, now that would rock :graucho:
  13. So many colors.. In fact, i'd wear almost any color but Green LOL

    I think it'll work better w/ prints... i love it! thanks for posting C-B :heart:
  14. Patent is nice, but I personally don't like this color.
  15. All I can say is "interesting" :smile:

    I'd really need to see this in person.