Now this is unique! (also need some help)

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  1. Now I've been searching for the ultimate unique bag lately and I came across some made out of license plates. I was like that looks sorta cool. I saw this and was like OMG!!! :nuts:

    Yeah...I'm an OU fan...sort of going to school here. :amuse: I think it is sort of cute...not something I would get that is for sure. That one is too expensive for my current budget. Dang my lack of money. :cry: If I were to get something like that I would just get the plain Oklahoma one. And can you imagine if someone tries to attack you when you are carrying that!:nuts::lol::P does anyone else have any unique (not ugly) looking handbags they have seen? I'm looking for something that is unique and under $60. Yeah...not having that much! I'm also tired of seeing everyone carrying hobos and other popular styles. I refuse to go with super popular fads. :suspiciou
  2. Those bags have been around for some time. They were popular at the same time the belts made out of bottle caps were. I believe I was 11, so 11 years ago.
  3. Oh, I saw similiar license plate purses like that too a few months ago at a boutique in Vegas. But they were going for about $80 per purse, NOT $200 like on this eBay! Geeze, that's highway robbery right there!!! The ones I saw were the Vegas and CA license plate purses. Very cute and almost bought one but then I figured I can make that myself. Ha ha, ya right...
  4. But there is an OU one. :nuts: Boomer sooner! w00t! I still think they are unique...even if it was a super old fad. **was too young to remember it** 11 years ago would have made me 9.:blink:
  5. That's ebags...I think that's what you are talking about. Nah...the OU one at 180$ is too much. I wonder if I can find a similar one on ebay that is OU?

    But do you think it would be a unique purse or just odd? I've never seen anyone with this...and I love teh idea of being able to defend myself with a purse made of metal.:biggrin:
  6. Oops... I meant ebags! lol

    I still like this metal plate bag alot, but not for $180. :suspiciou I tend to like funky purses and this one is definitely FUNKY on my list. If it suits you then go ahead and get it. It is really unique afterall. Maybe do more research on it before you pluck down the $180? I think this bag should be worth less than $100.
  7. No way am I spending more than $60. But I did find this on ebay:

    I wonder if it is the same thing...but where are the straps? I think it is teh smaller one. You know...I never noticed. When I was looking at them first, I was like oh it's cool. Then when I saw the OU I went crazy. I must find a the OU one for under $60. :blink:

    There are fans...and then there are people like me.:lol:
  8. [​IMG]

    gooooooooo dawgs! ;)

    it'd be a cute gameday purse. i dunno about other parts of the country, but it's always a tradition in the south to dress up in your 'saturday best' for football games...but in your school colors. skirts, heels, the whole nine yards. but the stadium is dirty so i refuse to take a nice bag. i bought a red quilted bag for like $30 that i take because it gets so filthy.
  9. Have you looked at seatbelt bags? I think they are pretty unique even though they do run more than $60 bucks. They are sold at
  10. Wait... I don't understand. Why are they showing the same purse with 2 different prices: $60.80 and $172?? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? :blink:

    Yes, the $60.80 seems more reasonable to me. :amuse:
  11. Oh, those awesome! And not too different looking. :amuse:

    It depends though...if it is something I like I might spend a bit more. It was mostly to give you an estimate.

    You guys can show me more unique bags. I was hoping you guys would. I'm just so tired of seeing everyone carry around the same bags...I craze to be different...but not too different.
  12. Hehe, I had a thread on novelty bags here once. There are bags shaped like cars. And you know those cylinders that go through the tubes at bank drive-ups? Someone's sticking handles on those and making them "bags" too!