Now there are Damier Geant Wallets etc...!!! i saw them today...

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  1. yep!

    after i special ordered my monogram geronimos

    i looked...and was like...




    the woman said...

    it released 2 weeks ago!


    damier geant...has alluminum pieces! not brass!!! :cursing:sooo much better lol

    no need to polish it eveeery day...

  2. I saw them a couple of weeks ago too ... I really like them:yes:
  3. Must go to LV tomorrow!!
  4. Yeah one of the lovely SAs showed me the wallet last week. It's really quite functional - a long, ziparound wallet with plenty of space for cards and notes, and a pen loop.
  5. Who said you needed to polish brass h/w daily? :huh: (jw)
  6. IS IT ONLY realeased in Aussie?:confused1: nothign in US yet...:cursing:
  7. its been around for a few weeks already. even the LV website and eLuxury has them :yes:
  8. They are very plain imho.
  9. i agree
    i would prefer to have a damier geant bag instead of an accessory because of that... i find them too plain.
  10. I have not seen them here in the US either. I was just in LV yesterday
  11. I saw the billfold in the Friendship Heights LV boutique about 2 weeks ago in black color. Its nice but I'd rather have a damier canvas wallet and a DG messenger to put it in. :woohoo:
  12. I like the zippy and cles but the Billfold is kinda fugs IMO. I'm sure they are very durable! My SA called me (she knows I live 5 mins away) when they got the shipment. I wish/hope they come out with damier graphite SLGs.
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