Now that's what I call service!

  1. With all of the neg. customer service posts we've been having lately, I thought I should post the positive experience I had today at the car dealership! :tup:

    I had to put my car in the shop on Monday because of a leak in my trunk (I've got a Golf, so it's a hatchback) that allowed water to go into my spare tire well. I didn't want it to eventually rust, so I had them fix it. Also, my anti-theft device came on occasionally, not allowing me to start my car without a few tries, so I had them check that out too.

    Apparently the leak was coming through my back tail light, so they had to replace the unit and order some sort of seal. Also, they had to reprogram my anti-theft thingy, so that it would recognize my 2 key codes.

    I was supposed to pick it up yesterday evening, but DH was gone for work and nobody else was here to drive me to the dealership. The dealership offered to pick me up, but I declined because I didn't have a carseat for Julia with me (mine was in my car, and the others were in DH's and mom's cars).

    So anyway, I went this morning to pick it up and when I got to my car, it had been freshly washed, vacuumed, all of the leather on the interior was conditioned, the shiny stuff in the car was polished, it was like brand new! :yahoo:

    When getting ready to go, the mechanic gave me a bag, containing a VW car magazine, a booklet for international travels, detailing how much gas costs in certain countries, their emergency numbers, locations of VW dealers in case of accident or break down, etc. There was also a bag of candy (Lindt chocolates and some celebrations!! :nuts:) along with a thank you note and coupons for 5 free car washes & vacuumings at the dealership. I couldn't have been more happy!

    And I just noticed this when I got home: my tank had been filled! I took it in with 1/2 tank diesel and when I got home it was full. :tup:

    I've always had good experience with this dealer, but never THIS good :biggrin: I'm gonna bake them some cookies and stuff and write them a thank you letter and take it over tomorrow :biggrin: Just goes to show that some places do know what CS means ;)
  2. OMG! :wtf:

    I wish VW in this country was as good! I'm lucky if mine gets washed when it's in for a service
  3. That was so nice of them. They went above and beyone the typical service ususally provided. How nice, I think they would love to get cookies and a sweet note. :heart:

    At our local Mercedes dealer here they always wash and clean every person's car that is brought for service but they don't do anything else......
  4. That is very good service, we need more car dealers that provide as good a service.
  5. Loved to hear this Lami!
  6. They're such nice people there - so friendly! It's great when you find a dealership that makes you happy and meets all of your needs. I baked all of the cookies & brownies and wrote them a nice thank you note that I'll take down tomorrow morning. Love those guys!

    I also got some doggie treats for their 2 resident Spaniels :love:
  7. That was so nice! Great to hear a positive story!
  8. Ahhh, it's so nice to hear the positive side of the coin - thanks for sharing!:smile:
  9. WOW....My BMW dealership is a PITA....LOL.....U r so lucky to have a great place like that!!!!
  10. Oh wow, that's great!
  11. i love it when you get amazing customer service. little things like that can brighten your entire day.
    glad you have found a great dealership that isnt just after money all of the time.
  12. Wow. That's GREAT service. Thanks for giving us hope that not all CS is horrid
  13. Lol... I just had a horrible experience on the phone with my VW dealership... I love my car, but sure hate them... glad yours are nicer than mine!!! It is always nice to hear when people go above and beyond.
  14. Love it! My Toyota dealership is nice, but not that nice! I thought free drinks were awesome, lol.
  15. I would also write their GM b/c they get major points sometimes even money for good feedback! Im a recp at BMW/Lexus and that's how it works here!