Now! That's My Kind Of Case Of "Mistaken Identity" !!!

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    Is Brad Pitt's pretty little movie star head getting a little too big?

    The Golden Globe-nominated actor mistakenly kissed and congratulated 'Extra' correspondent Tanika Ray at the Golden Globe Awards, thinking she was 'Dreamgirls' babe Jennifer Hudson.

    Tanika tells the New York Post: "I assumed he was congratulating me on getting one of the only interviews with him and Angelina on the red carpet. But honestly, I didn't know why Brad Pitt kissed me on the cheek.

    It's Brad Pitt kissing me on the cheek! Honey, I couldn't care less why.!!! /B] :nuts:

    Brad's rep had this to say: "He is on location and we can't reach him for a comment."

    Well, we will just have to blame this one on the excitement Brad was feeling since his movie 'Babel' won Best Film in the drama category.
  2. I'd be flattered if BP kissed me - who cares about the reasons why?LOL
  3. He can kiss me anytime LOL..No reason asked! LOL
  4. I don't see why this is considered weird....
  5. No offence but I barely know who she is either, so it's an easy mistake...
  6. brad pitt can kiss me any time!!
  7. He congratulated her in advance for all of the press she and "Extra" are getting right now.
  8. lol. Ditto! :graucho:
  9. :lol:
  10. But Jennifer missed out! She can cuddle with her Golden Globe award instead.