Now that's how you put out a ciggie

  1. Though this was funny - dangerous but funny - I can picture her face being caked in white powder with the cigarette in her mouth a pair of eyes peering out.,25197,23257375-12377,00.html

    From correspondents in Berlin, Germany | February 22, 2008

    A VIRULENT anti-smoker in Germany was so angry when his girlfriend lit up he emptied a fire extinguisher to put out the cigarette, caking her and their apartment in powder.

    "My colleagues said it looked like a bomb had gone off in there," said a spokesman for police in the western city of Bielefeld. "He managed to put the cigarette out though."

    After the woman ignored his request not to smoke, the 42-year-old sprayed the contents of the extinguisher all around the flat shouting abuse, police said.

    "He said he wasn't bothered by the damage it caused," the spokesman said. "And that he's through with his girlfriend."
  2. That is one way to put out a light...
  3. I would love to do that to my Dh!!! lol (if it would make him quit)
  4. Wow.. overreaction much ?!

    I think the statement that they're over pretty much goes without saying ! :p
  5. oh my! He mustve just snapped, I would think someone who hates smokers that much wouldnt be dating one.
  6. ROFL!!! That's hilarious :smile:
  7. ROFL! A tad bit much but it worked, right?
  8. I'm sure she went puff puff after the breakup.
  9. Hahaha.
  10. For some reason, when I saw "ciggie" in the title of the thread, my mind automatically thought of Bill Clinton.
  11. a little too much, but it WAS her fault. maybe smoking really bothered him THAT much !! ahah i pictured a women with 2 inches of white stuff on her face and in her hair
  12. Wowza...I just have the funniest visual in my head. He must be really passionate about anit-smoking.
  13. thats a bit obnoxious
  14. lol. Serious much?
    She shouldn't have ignored the warning though. Of course, he could have just thrown her out of his house and saved himself the clean up.
  15. Wow! That would definitely do the trick!