now that you've had the envelope pouch for some time now..

  1. anyone regretting it?
    or have delegated a normal use for it?
  2. I have contemplated getting this piece. I'd like to know how people are enjoying it as well. I've never seen it IRL.
  3. I have it in Pomme and I have NEVER used it. It has been tucked away since I purchased it on 2/1. I haven't found a use for it as of yet, BUT I would not part with it, that's for sure...
  4. I'm still looking for one and haven given up yet.
  5. I've only used my envelope twice since I've received it.. but I LOVE it!! The color (Pomme) is beautiful. I'm actually kicking myself for not getting it in the other colors.
  6. hmm..good Question...i've thought about this for some time too. I really wouldn't part with it because:

    1) one of my only limited edition pieces
    2) I can't see myself replacing it with a cles or ludlow

    I've used mine a handful of times instead of my cles and that worked out well, only prob I had was it was hard to see the coins..LOL. But I used it once as a clutch when I went out to a party and it worked really well. The chain is the perfect size for my wrist and fits really well.
  7. I almost but not quite purchased it. Thought about the rest of my cles, and I've never used them anyway except as charms.
  8. i bought the framboise coz i was looking for a coin purse but found the coin purses too small for my needs. i use mine everyday to hold coins and bills. i love it!! it's great as a wristlet, too.
  9. and i love the charms that go with it :heart::heart::heart:
  10. Personally I've been using it as a wallet.. I may get a CC holder for it. and I've kept my phone in it time to time, and then cash in the back pocket.
  11. I still really want one in Pomme! :crybaby:I never even realized they had pockets, so I never waitlisted for it since I thought it would be "just another charm."
  12. I bought the Framboise Plate and its still in its dustbags and box for at least a month already, let alone my Pomme Cles thats been in its box for 2-3 months and have yet to see the light of day..

    I love them, but am too lazy to change accessories, and i have never been one to dangle stuff on my bags
  13. i still really want one in white.
    am kicking myself for not getting it!
  14. hhmmm... i never thought about that. your phone must be small to fit in it. but i think i'll check this out,too.:heart:
  15. use it as a wristlet like jill and also a wallet in smaller bags. i find it very useful, but i love cles and this is like a cles with pizzazz, so i'm pretty happy with it!