Now that you carry your Hermes....

  1. What other bag do you carry? Do you carry anything else?

    So many members admit a loss of interest in their other bags once they begin collecting Hermes. So many previously adored bags then seem to be sold on eBay or through resellers - either to make room, or free up funds for new Hermes.

    So I'm wondering how many of you carry something else? An everyday bag, or an "alternate" if you don't want to carry your H? I'm curious how many of the Hermes addicted will alternate, or simply become Hermes only :flowers:
  2. Hermes and Chanel (only the reissue). Totally lost interest in all other bags:sad:

    Oh, I also use my Longchamp during bad weather.....
  3. I still love my LVs. I have a Recital, a Speedy 25 and a Saleya and love them. They are great for rainy days, running errands. I probably won't buy any more LVs because I'm happy with the three I have but I still definitely love carrying them as well as my H bags. Also, I still want a Goyard!:smile:
  4. I sold or gave away every single other bag. The only other thing I carry out of necessity is a Louis Vuitton messenger which I use as a diaper bag. I have literally thrown it in the washing machine and it still looks new. Aside from the diaper bag, I only carry Hermes handbags. Hermes is great because I no longer pine for "IT" bags.
  5. I use my LV Musette messenger bag for running errands or whenever I really want my hands free (dog park, grocery shopping, etc.) I have LV Graffiti pochette that I love as well but for everything else, I'm stuck on Hermes.

    I used to love Chanel pieces but I've had quality issues with Chanel (flimsy zippers, less than perfect stitches) that really soured me on their bags.
  6. I still have a couple of LV, Chanel & Goyard bags too! But I mainly use my H bags during the work week.
  7. I have a Chanel Cambon Reporter that I can't seem to part with, though I haven't carried it since I purchased my birkins.
  8. I still carry a full size Gucci diaper bag. I also have a series of Tom Ford's evening bags from the Kimono collection that I use for special occasions.
  9. Besides Hermes, I carry Chanel and the baby cabas for rainy days.
  10. chanel and goyard for me.........
  11. I have a couple of evening bags (Chanel, antiques) & Goyard/LV for rain. But to be v. honest, I do not use them much at all. I find myself using my rain coat to cover my togo birkin on inclimate days.

    So I guess I'd have to say that Hermes has ruined other bags for me. I can appreciate them at a distance but do not lust after them like I do Hermes.
  12. I still carry LVs (I only kep four LTD EDs and one bad weather/every day bag). I also just bought my first CHANEL. As much as I LOVE Hermes, I don't think I can show up with one at family BBQs, etc. That would be weird. I think.:wacko: No?
  13. Hermes most of the time (all of my "personal" time)...LV Cabas Mezzo tote on occasion for work...have not gone H for work...yet...
  14. Angelfish, other brands often pale in comparison to Hermes, don't they?

    I still have several special LV.....Graffiti Alma, French Co Speedy, my LV checkbook....certain pieces that I will always keep and use, but most of my things are Hermes, and for good reason, yes??:p
  15. i will keep my chanel classic flap always :smile: as long as she'll have me :p cos i still love it! also since the price just went up to nearly 2K for one :wacko: (to copy H addict)

    i have a marc jacobs sophia bag that i use in bad weather. i also plan to keep my LVs. still not sure what to do with my chloe edith's a bit redundant since i got my birkin. i'll try to give her to my mom or something.

    definitely getting an H bag has dulled my wants for other bags. that's a good thing too! ;)