now that xmas is over...

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  1. alright folks now that xmas is over (or chanakah) whats next on the agenda for new bags? the spring lines are making their appearances if they havent already..any one have one of those love at first sight moments?
  2. i love the mousse color paddington, and it will be mine in march :smile:
  3. Still can't get into the paddington, I think a Goyard, don't see those much down here in Charlotte!
  4. I wanna see the Motorcycle styles coming out.
  5. I wish I had done that. The only colours I can get a hold onto are dark and light grey. Not exactly my colours, or the one I had in mind so… smile1:
    I guess my target will be a Paddington until the day I bump my head and forget it… :smile:

  6. Now that christmas is over it is bags and not sugerplums dancing in my head...:nuts:

    I am torn between choco roxy and baby black paddy with silver hardware.
  7. Dior Gaucho is my only real priority at this point lol.
  8. Louis Vuitton Lucille PM in black/white is a definite.

    And then I really want to see if I can get ahold of the Mizi Vienna, if not I'll settle for something in white suhali.
  9. that linen bag is cute, too dressy for me at this point, but i like it, i agree it is unique. that white hobo by yves saint.. is also cute too. im looking for something also in like brown leather, or wallets, anyone seen anything they like?
  10. mello- i love that LV bag! that and the luggage & bag ones, and also the vernis but definetly the first two!
  11. i was surprised that they were south of a thousand, liked that, like one was what 600$ for the medium sized one?
  12. I've got a dark chocolate Bayswater coming and have pre-ordered the whiskey paddington. Life is good!!!
  13. hopefully a baby paddy in anthracite! :biggrin: