Now that we've narrowed it down i need your opinon again.

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  1. hey beautifuls sorry for bugging you again..... i posted balenciaga or gucci and most of you picked balenciaga. Now i want to pick between balenciaga or bottega venetta. which one should i buy??
    i want the bottega ball bag in chocolate.
    thanks in advance!

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  2. BV ALL THE WAY. But when was the last time you bought a bag? Do you need to read my NO MORE BAGS! thread first? :biggrin:
  3. i don't know you,i don't know you, i can't hear you, i can't see you...................
    girl i know just one last one please????
  4. Definitely BV. I know more than half the forum is in love with Balenciaga, but I see BV as a classical, reputable, and practical label. I'm not too crazy for that color since spring/summer is coming, but the leather is to die for. :love:
  5. Both are incredible bags. I would have to vote for the Bottega as you will be able to carry that bag forever. The white Balenciaga will be hard to maintain and will probably get dirty faster than you expect. I splurged on an expensive white bag last spring and would never make that mistake again.
  6. depends on what you are looking for - the BV is a gorgeous classic bag that will last a lifetime, while the Balenciaga is very of the moment.
  7. You've been going on bag overload! Can you return one of the b-bags that are on their way to you? I'd recommend returning one of them so that you can get the BV ball bag. OR if you're going to get it in chocolate brown--how about waiting until the fall. You're probably less likely to use it during the spring...
  8. You are such a friend! :lol: When I go out with my friends, they chant "buy buy buy" in the bkgd.
  9. bottega veneta all the time!!!!!!
    it is a style that will neverpass, blanciaga is an 'it'bag.
    and around you see 100 balenciagas, and 10 bottega venetas!
  10. The BV :biggrin:
  11. Hi moe,
    i was introduced to BV in this forum.. and frankly i dislike its design and look from the bottom of my heart :huh:!! with all respect to those who love it :oh: !! its just waaaaaaay not my type!! not even for beach wear :blink: !!
    and comparing it to a white Balenciaga..!! ofcourse i'd say go with B-Bag!! white color as i see looks amazingly lovely on B-Bag.. and white is such a classic.. :biggrin:
  12. Bottega Bottega Bottega!
  13. i'd buy the balenciaga. i don't know, but somehow BV has the most boring and uninteresting bags ever. but that's just me.
  14. bottega, bottega, bottega. the bag is classic, you can wear it for the next 50 years, it goes with everything, and it'll be easy to maintain. i'm a documented balenciaga lover and owner, but from everything i hear the light bags are impossible to keep clean, which seriously hurts its longevity.
  15. You have a b-bag already? Are you wanting another one? The BV is nice, but not special IMO. I'd say the b-bag.