Now that u've seen pics: Violet RH Work or Violet SGH Work?


Violet work in Silver Giant Hw or Regular Hw?

  1. violet work in regular hardware

  2. violet work in giant silver hw

  3. can't choose one over other! Love em both!

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  1. Now that you've seen both the violet work in giant silver hardware and the violet work in regular hardware through pics, which would you choose for yourself? Or which have you already chosen for yourself?

    I personally love both for different reasons! SGH seems to really go so well with violet, but the simple rh violet looks amazing as well! Shoot, they both look amazing to me which is why I'm curious which others prefer! :yes: I usually always prefer regular to this case, I'm not too sure!
  2. Thanks for the poll responses so far!

    This is just a fun poll that I put out to see if more people are preferring the silver giant hardware on esp. the violet work as I personally can't stop thinking of the pics i have seen on tPF even though I already have a rh violet work.

    So please feel free to comment why or if your love for GH has grown after seeing pics of violet with sgh...

    And sorry about the double post! :shame: I mistakenly posted the other one without a poll, but it is in essence asking the same question. (mods, please feel free to close the other one! Sorry.)
  3. I honestly find it hard to choose as I've seen beauties in both...sigh...and I donb't have either yet!:shrugs:;)
  4. if it was in another colour i would have voted RH but somehow the violet work just has the wow factor - it's a perfect combo of purple and nickel i guess. i was never a fan of GH until i saw the bag. the rh seems too dark for the purple somehow imo
  5. :yahoo:I voted for the silver violet workbag, because
    I have one now and cannot wait to wear it..
  6. i agree swiss!! did you get her already? isn't she the loveliest!!:heart:
  7. This time its really hard to choose!!

    I've seen IRL the Violet SGH but not the Violet RH... I was absolutely blown away by the Violet GSH, and suprised that it actually suited me because the GGH doesn't suit me at all.

    I'll hopefully be buying a Violet RH, but I would have to say I'd be ecstatic with either
  8. Hi mp! I am actually right with you on this one. I am not a fan of the GH and always felt the RH would be the preferred hardware for me personally. However, I see what you mean about how the SGH looks on the Violet Work bags. It's still my opinion that the giant hardware looks best on the bigger bags. I think it kind of dwarfs the City. In the end if I had to choose for a bag for me, it would be the classic regular hardware. Besides I think I would have withdrawals if I had a bag I couldn't make and hang one of my braided accessories on it!
    Can someone get the GGH on a Violet bag if they want? Has anyone done so?
  9. My vote is definitely for a RH Violet Work!:yes: I do thing that SGH looks incredible with Violet, too, but I think I will always prefer RH!:tender:
  10. i voted- SGH- because it totally makes the bag POP!
  11. I voted for violet SGH. I chose a violet work SGH for myself and I absolutely love it:love: I think the SGH suits the violet colour so well! But with that I have to say that I'm a big fan of giant hardware, so if you are a RH-kind-a-gal that might work better for you. Either way violet is a beautiful colour!
  12. I have to say that Violet looks better than most colors with SGH, but my vote still goes to RH.

    I'm still not a fan of any GH:shrugs:
  13. I am getting a brief with GSH ... which I never thought I'd get... love the RH but the GSH looks so good on the violet! Will see after it arrives if I Really Love it!
  14. I think the SGH does look amazing with the Violet however, I'm always partial to RH. So, RH gets my vote!
  15. Exactly my thought:yes: