Now that they have updated what is everyone getting

  1. Now that they have updated with the new fall line. What is everyone getting?
  2. i dont think i can afford anything but what i would like to get would be the new britt tote in black leather and the swing high heel wedge pumps.
  3. I WAS pretty bored of gucci and focusing on other things until I saw this post. Not that I'm getting all of these things but my fantasy wishlist if I had all the money in the world would be:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] and some more shoes LOL
  4. and more..

    i just bought this[​IMG]
  5. and more..
  6. i don't know about the size but i like the shininess so this also: [​IMG]
  7. hahah yeah i just saw that i got a little to excited im sorry!

    and im glad you THINK SO!

  8. So many cute bags!! :yahoo: These are the ones I like for now...
    161720_F4FSG_9693.jpg 181492_FT01G_9643.jpg 181485_FT01G_9643.jpg 181514_ADI1G_6338.jpg 181500_FAF3G_9643.jpg
  9. Just ordered it Saturday ! :yahoo: More for summer than fall but..........had to have it! By the way, thanks for the help deciding, beljwl!
  10. I like the duchessa boston, but have to see how shiny it is in person. The aviatrix collection is expensive!
  11. Yes but unique! As for the shininess..I saw it in person and they aren't too shiny, its nice. When I saw them I didn't like the ones in the store so I figured I wouldn't like ANY of the shiny ones but now that the pics are up on the site I'm liking it!
  12. LOL I got crazy excited too (note how I posted many pics) haha. I'm sorry if I sounded mean, me saying it WAS snake sounded meaner so I said I I don't like being wrong so I always say "think":smile: