Now that its going to start to get hot out...

  1. Hey all! Just wanted to remind you that in most states, it is illegal to leave an animal in a car if it is really hot out.

    It is sick that people do this, but some still do.

    Last summer I had to call 911 b/c I saw this lady leave her two Dauchsunds in her truck while she went GROCERY SHOPPING:wtf: :cursing:

    The police responded right away and were sooo nice.

    LOL Lecture over! Just wanted to remind ya...if animal lovers like us don't look out for the poor critters, who will?!?!:yes:
  2. Thank you for that! Always a good reminder.
  3. Brilliant to remind people, dogs die every year left in cars
  4. :yes: Yes please do not do this, like Saich mentioned, dogs actually do die because of this! Bad news.
  5. In her TRUNK? I would like to shove that lady in her trunk for a few hours and see how she likes it. An eye for an eye.
  6. ^ ITA :yes:
  7. ^ Truck, not trunk. ;)

    Still, not cool. Er, no pun intended.

    It drives me crazy when I see pets left in a hot car. If, for any reason, we leave our dogs in the car in the summer, it is for a brief moment and with the a/c on. Cars heat up soooo fast in the summer when you're just sitting in it without the air on.
  8. Thank you for reminding everyone! This is always a problem in warm weather. :sad:

  9. Noo she left them in her truck.

    ITA with your comment, though...I wanted to let her bake in her truck as long as she let her dogs:cursing:
  10. In AZ, we actually had a POLICE DOG die from being left in a truck in the sun.

    The officer left him in there for TWO HOURS while he did various things in the police station.

    They rushed the poor dog to the Emergency vet, but the dog was so bad that they had to put him to sleep.