Now that its 2009, whats on your list?

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  1. If you are anything like me, those credit cards are now rolling in from those amazing sales. I racked up 3 Bottegas bags (2 Rugiadas and a Roma), a BV wallet, a Gucci Hysteria Python and a Alexander McQueen skull clutch (about 5 minutes ago). I'd like to say I'm on a ban, but they never work. Curious if after all these sales, if anyone has anything on their wishlist for this year. I for the moment don't (thank goodness)
  2. I went crazy in the end of 2008, got the Sloane, Medium Veneta, Large Pleated Veneta, Zip wallet, French Tab wallet, Large makeup clutch, 2 bracelets, Pusre key holder charm, ebano fish coin purse and cell phone strap. :nuts: Okay so I'm a bit obsessed. I have already purchase another bag (LT crocodile clutch) but I have my eye on this:
    Media Campana in Burnt Orange! Love this color and style, she will be mine, when she goes on sale ;).

    Enjoy your bags! You did great!
  3. i too went a little bag mad in 2008. i'm hoping to get the knot clutch in ash and if the tiger veneta in medium goes on sale, i'ld like to bring her home too! so that's all for now... heehee :roflmfao:
  4. LT - have you posted pics of the clutch?
    Jeshika - you should still be recuperating from the devastating Roma OP purchase...
  5. I actually left the boutique without it only to pull my car over on the HWY just outside of Manhattan and call them to ship it to me! Should be here this week. I promise to post pictures in the chat thread! She is beautiful, Glazed Crocodile in Pewter!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  6. Well, I picked up my large ebano Campana in October and then promptly order the large Baltic Veneta during Bryan's sale. Those were my first 2 BV bags and now I would love to see a nice shoulder bag in copper or tea.
  7. kroquet, how do you like the large campana? Do the straps stay on your shoulder? How does it compare in size to the large veneta? TIA
  8. I want to see the Tea Cabat in person.
  9. Like kroquet, I bought the Baltic Large Veneta through Bryan, and then got the Ebano Large Veneta from the jomashop sale. I did make a deal with DH of "no bags" for 2009. I'm thinking maybe an accessory in the upcoming months. I really love the look of piperlu's new cosmetic case...
  10. I have been wanting the knot clutch. I just cannot justify spending that much for something that I will not use too often. Therefore, I dont think the wish will ever comes true.
  11. Like ReRe and LT, I went crazy on sales. So nothing for a while for sure. The spring colors happen to be ones that don't work with my skin tone except for tea. I'll probably keep my eye out for little tempting accessories...
  12. I think I might buy another bag--right now I'm thinking a large ebano Veneta--toward the end of 2009 (maybe if jomashop has another awesome Black Friday sale?). Until then, just accessories. I'd like a French flap wallet and probably a couple of other little things, and I like crimson and cobalt from the cruise collection so I'd like to get something in those colors. No doubt I will find other things to tempt me before the year is out!
  13. Nothing on my BV wish list.:nogood:
  14. :devil:


  15. I'll want to see some of the Spring/Summer collection IRL. My longterm wish list has a Cabat on it. I'm adding some vintage bags this year--more affordable LOL!